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Catavino’s Video Debut with Danny the Catalan Chef

Last fall, we received an unexpected call by a British television producer and cameraman, Richard Gillespie. If the name sounds familiar, it should, as Richard is the same genius who did all of camera work and film editing for the II International Climate Change and Wine Conference back in January. Having discovered us through Catavino, Richard asked us if we were interested in making a guest appearance in a Pilot episode for a new program focused on Catalan food and wine with Danny, the Catalan Chef. It was set to air on a now defunct satellite station that sadly backed out of the deal a few weeks after Richard finished editing the show.

At the time, we still thought that we may have a shot and fame and fortune, and so we agreed, despite the fact that we had zero experience in front of large cameras and big lights and knew nothing about acting / being authentic (well, we are bloggers!). I say this because, although we were supposed to be “ourselves”, there were other moments that were a little canned, forcing us to do several takes of “Hey Danny, so what are you going to cook for us?” As you can imagine, by the sixth take, while doing your best to look natural, we were forcing every word out of our mouths. At that point, you could care less what the guy feeds you as long as he gets on with it so you don’t ever have to say that one line again in your life.

Richard has finally posted the entire episode on the web so that we might embed it here for your enjoyment. However, it was originally meant to air on TV and not the internet, hence, we have a few suggestions! Due to its length (20+minutes), bookmark it, and when you get a moment, make some Tapas (popcorn is a tapa!), pop open a nice bottle of Cava, and sit back to enjoy watching us make absolute fools of ourselves. Not sure we’re worth watching, but there are some cool shots of Barcelona, some beautiful food scenes and a few great tips on things to see if you come visit.

Then, when your done, tell us what you think! We hope you enjoy it and thanks again to Richard for making this available to us.

Gabriella and Ryan

Danny the Catalan chef – Episode 1 By Richard Gillespie
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  • AllAboutAlavesa

    I'm sooooooo hungry now. Your "acting" wasn't bad at all either, bravo!

  • AllAboutAlavesa

    I’m sooooooo hungry now. Your “acting” wasn’t bad at all either, bravo!

  • emilio

    This is the perfect documentary for this Sunday morning. Great video! I want to see a new one every week!!! – Emilio

  • emilio

    This is the perfect documentary for this Sunday morning.
    Great video! I want to see a new one every week!!!
    - Emilio

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  • Angela

    Thumbs up to Danny and Richard. I really enjoyed this show. It's a stylish representation of Barcelona, Danny has a winning manner and his cooking is appealing. What a shame that there won't be further episodes. Would you guys have been a regular feature, matching wine to food?