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Mercado de San Miguel: How to Drink in Madrid

Editors Note: This is a sponsored guide to drinking wine in Madrid by Tesco Wine. We will occasionally publish these when the content is specifically related to Catavino so that we can pay for the great writing that you have come to expect on Catavino.net. Thank you for understanding. Though known on the tourist trail for its art museums or pumping nightlife (depending on which guidebook is clasped in hand), Madrid also offers up food and drink galore. At the geographical, political and cultural centre of Spain, Madrid is in a prime location for exploring regional varieties of Spanish wine, as well as the more local specialties of the La Mancha region. Follow in the footsteps of locals and drink like a […]

Competition for Young, Innovative Winemakers! But Where are the Spanish and Portuguese?!!

Have you heard of Naked Wines? No? Then you don’t live and breathe in the UK wine world. Simple as that. Approximately a year ago, Naked Wines transformed internet wine sales when they developed a unique approach to online wine retail. Essentially, they realized that wine drinkers weren’t the final decision makers when choosing which wines were available to purchase online. Using a combination of direct marketing and recruited wine drinkers (not wine professionals) when choosing their wine selections, they made big waves across the sector. Not only were they reaching out to small wineries, but they were also introducing previously unknown wine makers into the UK market. What’s truly incredible, or sad, is that they only have 2 Portuguese […]

Gracia Arts Project Fundraising Wine Tasting in Barcelona: Help Save Art!

Art is one of the first programs to get the axe in any recession. It’s typically considered an “extra”, a nice lovely way to beautify our surroundings, but nothing of substance. I personally, would beg to differ. Art, like wine, allows us to enhance and strengthen our perceptions and creativity in ways that few other programs can do.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for art, Catavino wouldn’t exist. Ryan’s artistic background has afforded him a unique gift to see each and every project, or hurdle, in a completely new light. This skill comes it play each and every day, as he uses every ounce of his imagination to turn something bland and uninteresting into a dynamic, conversational piece that evokes curious […]

Catavino Co-Hosts the London Wine and Food Blogger’s Meetup!

As many of you are aware, we’ll be at the London International Wine Fair next week conducting interviews, giving talks on Social Media and Blogging, promoting the 2009 European Wine Blogger’s Conference in Lisbon, and of course, tasting a ridiculous amount of Spanish and Portuguese wines. However, in addition to this, and with the wonderful help of Niamh Shields from Eat Like A Girl, we will co-host a London Wine and Food Blogger’s Meet-up at The Westbridge. On May 13th, approximately 30 wine and food bloggers will gather together for a wine tasting presented by Catavino! Although the wine list is not entirely confirmed as of yet, we have had generous contributions offered by Abadia Retuerta, Dinastia Vivanco, Quevedo, Cortes […]

Vinoble 2010: Budget cut and out to tender

This has been going around the rumour mill for some time, but it’s now official. Vinoble, the biennial fair specialising in sweet and fortified wine, has been put out to tender by the Jerez town hall. This is the first time the contract for running this wine fair has been offered. Opus Wine, headed up by Spanish writer and wine critic, Carlos Delgado, has produced the fair every time since the first Vinoble in 1998. Link to the story in Spanish here and more here. What’s more, the budget for the fair has been almost halved to €157,000. This is a massive cut, but the 2008 Vinoble suffered from something similar, and the budget for earlier editions was as much as €2m. […]

Publicize Spanish and Portuguese Wine Events in Your Neighborhood on Catavino’s Calendar!

This year we’ve launched the official Catavino Calendar, which intends to list every Iberian wine event around the world.  Whether there is a wine tasting in Madrid, or as far as Tokyo, we want it listed on the Catavino Calendar. Our most recent additions have included a Portuguese wine tasting in both New York and Miami. On April 21st, Viniportugal will be hosting a Portuguese wine tasting at the City Winery in New York featuring over 400 wines from 50 wineries. You can also hear Professor Michael Weiss from the Culinary Insitute of America give a trade seminar on “A Passion for Portugal”. The Miami Tasting on April 23rd will take place at the Ritz Carleton in South Beach where […]

Winner of the Catavino Q&A Contest

First off, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Catavino Q&A Contest! We’ve received dozens of challenging, and highly imaginative, questions that will keep us knee-deep in research for months to come. We would also like to extend a big and hearty congratulations to Benjamin Rivard Rapoza, the winner of the Catavino Q&A Contest!!! From all the questions submitted, Benjamin’s was drawn at random, and has awarded him a stunning – if we do say so ourselves – 11 x11 print on Torchon Fine Art paper of the Douro Valley (I suddenly feel like I’m Bob Barker on The Price is Right). However, Benjamin’s winning question, “Are there many good Portuguese wines that are not available in […]

Catavino Heads to London: Iberian Wine Tasting at Vinoteca!!

So guess who’s going to London? I’ll give you a hint, these two individuals always come as a pair and are typically considered exact opposites in appearance: one short and one tall, one with hair and one without, one bubbly and one a straight shooter. Maybe it’s a little too obvious Ryan and I will be arriving in London on February 23rd and staying through the 29th, with one specific goal in mind, to meet every single wine lover in London. Maybe a little far fetched, but what started as a simple trip to see a friend and attend Amplified London 2009, eventually turned into a week long social media and wine tasting extravaganza – meaning more opportunity to run […]

Catavino FAQ Contest Extended through Valentines Day!

Last week, Ryan and I extended a free and fun way for you to win a gorgeous print of the Douro Valley. However, in order to compete in the contest, we asked you to please include your email in your answer. But unfortunately, despite the thought-provoking questions we received, many of you forgot to include your contact info (i.e. your email). Hence, we’ve decided to extend the contest two more weeks! In addition, each participant can enter up to 3 questions, giving you 3x the ability to win!! The directions to compete in the contest are as follows: Simply click on “FAQ’s” located in the navigator bar at the top of the page, choose a subcategory, and ask a question. […]

Catavino is Live Blogging at the Wine Pleasures Conference in Sitges, Spain

Ryan and I are currently hearing the waves crash upon the sandy shores of Sitges, a small town just south of Barcelona along the sea. We are here to both speak at and live blog the annual Wine Pleasures Conference. With over 150 attendees and 40 sessions consisting of talks, workshops and panel discussions, we trust this will be a wonderful event for brainstorming how tourism can better serve eager and passionate wine lovers. Tomorrow, if you are interested in joining us, I will be live blogging several events, while Ryan will be fielding questions on social media, and snapping a few thousand photos on the sly. If you are interested in having me attend specific event (check out the […]