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Give your eyes a rest, and instead, listen to us talk about: Iberian wine news and industry trends, in addition to interviews with winemakers, vineyards owners, wine retailers, wine importers, restaurateurs and sommeliers.

Part 3: The Ultimate User’s Guide To Portuguese Cheese

In my two previous posts, we’ve explored Portugal’s most renown and cherished artisanal cheeses, learning the basic flavor profiles, as well as common Portuguese terms when buying and selecting cheese. (Read Part 1 and Part 2) Now it’s finally time to enjoy our delicious Portuguese cheese with some equally delicious Portuguese wine. For many of us, it’s impossible to pick only one ideal Portuguese cheese and wine pairing, as there are several wonderful and interesting combinations to experience. Consequently, I’ve not only listed a few of my favorite pairings at the end of the article, but have garnered the feedback of several Portuguese natives and wine / food enthusiasts alike. So make sure to read on! But first, allow me […]

Cork Forests, Travel Recommendations, and some other Tidbits from Catavino

It’s been a busy the past few months, because Spain is finally waking up to blogging; and we’re excited to be a small part of it. I’ve been buried in two new websites, while trying to maintain a few others. All good news for our small growing enterprise. Today, we head off to Oporto, to consult with a small port house on launching the first ever, blog about port wine. To be honest, we’re really excited about this, and we’re hoping this might lead to some purple feet if we need to visit in the near future. But for now I want to fill you in on a few experiences I’ve had over the past week. First up, Cork! Catalan […]

Wine Blogging Wednesday #47: “S” Stands for “Spanish Sherry”

Gabriella fondly remembers when she was a child, sitting in front of the TV listening to Cookie Monster teach the alphabet, and on this particular day, words that started with the letter “S”. This episode is firmly ingrained in her head, because unfortunately, she couldn’t pronounce the letter “s” as a child, handicapped with a severe lissssp. Therefore, words like snake became th-nake and summer became th-ummer. Clearly, this doesn’t bode well when you’re watching your brother happily sipping on his vanilla shake and all you can come out with “Mom, I want a thake too!” Well, today, we’d like to thank Grape Juice for hosting Wine Blog Wednesday, by celebrating anything directly related to a bottle of wine that […]

Podcast – Interview with Cristina Brito of Mouriscas Tours

Last month, we interviewed Cristina Brito, President of Mouriscas Tours, a customized tour company based in and around Lisbon. The podcast not only covers the history and the creation of Mouriscas Tours, but also gets into a bit more detail as to what they offer, which include, but are not limited to: Escorted Tours: A sightseeing tour of Portugal with a professional guide. Hosted Tours: It’s like having your own personal assistant during your trip. They handle all those annoying details no one really enjoys doing like booking a new flight or deciding which restaurant is better for children, while you sit back and drink a glass of Vinho verde. Customized Tours: You give them the dates, where you want […]

Lancers and Mateus – Representing a Nation of Wine

Portugal equals Port wine, right?! This statement is dead on for so many of you, but this wasn’t the case if we go back a few generations. In the 1940s, there were two brands that epitomized Portuguese wine to the global market: Mateus and Lancers. Both wines were presented in uniquely shaped bottles that appeared to be created for one purpose only, to hold candles, which consequently, made them unforgettable. Roses and slightly sweet, both labels helped shape a generation of wine drinkers, appreciated for their icon value than for their sophistication or “rating”. Lancers At the end of WWII, Americans wanted a beverage to toast in celebration without having to drink the bold European wines of the age. Inspired […]

Masks and Wines in Lisbon

We love stumbling upon the unexpected. In fact, that is the story of our life. Our best friends were for the most part all made this way, and our best memories have been created when things happen to us by chance. Such is the case with today’s podcast/story. Wandering back home after our first day of visiting Lisbon, we ran into an art opening that highlighted the traditions of masks and costumes that are prevalent through out Spain and Portugal. A true Iberian event! The best part of our happen chance experience, was the unexpected wine tasting from the regions from which they studied the mask culture. Obviously, we couldn’t pass this up, so we paid our 2.50 Euros and […]

Audio Tasting Note – Our First lunch in Lisbon

Part tourist trap, part great deal, Solar do Duque is not only a nice little restaurant we had lunch at last week, but it is also situated right near a bar we just so happened to have a drink at on our very first visit to Portugal four years ago. Located in a small, narrow alley along a set of stairs where a few restaurants are set up to serve lost tourists, the day was HOT, and we barely made it through the meal before melting into the sidewalk! Fortunately, we were not alone in our suffering, forcing all the tables to consume much water and wine, while our waiter somehow managed to speak in 3-4 different languages with sweat […]

Podcast #30 – Arte Mayor Cava from Dominio de la Vega

Let’s be honest, we try to only taste good wines, hoping to share with you the ones we like. This is not to say that we don’t taste bad wines. We do often try bottles that we’d rather not finish, or wine that even may end up down the drain, but generally, these are wines we purchased from the grocery store when all we wanted is something wet! Today, however, we tried a higher end wine that we had anticipated being quite tasty, but ended up failing the test. Listen to the show and see what you think.

Podcast #29 – Spanish Wine, Food, and Travel Writer Gerry Dawes (pt2)

Here is Part two of my Interview with Gerry Dawes. We talk a bit about exploring Spain, Wine and food pairings and the personalities behind the wine. I want to thank Gerry for taking the time to talk with me. Please take some time to browse through his site: A bit out of date but lots of fun stuff to pick through. Also if you have any questions for Gerry feel free to leave them in comments section here, and I’ll let him know about them. Cheers, Ryan Opaz Podcast #29 – Spanish Wine, Food, and Travel Writer Gerry Dawes (pt1)

Podcast #29 – Spanish Wine, Food, and Travel Writer Gerry Dawes (pt1)

Today, I present part one of an interview I recorded at FENAVIN with Gerry Dawes. Gerry has been traveling Spain for over 30 years and has written several books and articles on his experiences, which have gained both the respect and attention of several other well-known Iberian authors: “In his nearly thirty years of wandering the back roads of Spain,” Gerry Dawes has built up a much stronger bank of experiences than I had to rely on when I started writing Iberia…His adventures far exceeded mine in both width and depth…” James A. Michener, author of Iberia: Spanish Travels and Reflections