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Give your eyes a rest, and instead, listen to us talk about: Iberian wine news and industry trends, in addition to interviews with winemakers, vineyards owners, wine retailers, wine importers, restaurateurs and sommeliers.

Podcast #28 – Andrew Holod of Grapes of Spain

Today I have an interview with Andrew Holod of Grapes of Spain. Andrew is the Marketing Manager for this exclusively Spanish portfolio, and also one of the top Spanish wine importers in the US market. Here’s a short intro taken from their Portfolio: ABOUT THE COMPANY Grapes of Spain, Inc. was established in November 00, with its first container landing in the United States in Spring 00, representing 8 producers. The company imports wines exclusively from Spain and currently represents 6 producers with a portfolio of 90+ wines from all corners of Spain. All of the wines are new to the U.S. market and are from family winegrowers and that focus only on high quality and limited production. The Company’s […]

Podcast #27 – FENAVIN and the tale of two Spanish Albariño’s

Having fun here at FENAVIN 2007! I’ve been tasting a lot of good wine, while meeting some interesting people. With so much wine at my disposal, I figured it would be appropriate if I taste some Albariño as it’s the wine of the month here at Catavino. I had the chance to interview two people with two very different Albariño’s: Alicia Carro of Adega (Search for wines made from Adega Valdés at wine-searcher: Valdés) in Rias Baixas and Isabel Gutiérrez of Dominio de Tares who co-own Bodegas Miño Pazo Piñeiro Rias Baixas called, Lusco (Search for wines made from Lusco at wine-searcher: Lusco). I hope you enjoy the podcast where we taste both of these great wines and learn a […]

Podcast #26 – Bodegas Ercavio winemaker, Alexandra Schmedes

Today, I bring you a fun interview with the German winemaker, Alexandra Schmedes of the Spanish Bodega, Ercavio. Located just outside Toledo in the region of Castilla LaMancha, Ercavio wines are starting to show up on the international scene with big points and high accolades. At Vino Élite last week, I personally had the opportunity to talk with Alexandra both try about their incredible wines. See the show links for more info about their specific wines. Also this week, I briefly explain how I have chosen not take tasting notes at wine fairs anymore. Because I want all the wines we write about to be on equal footing, wine fairs often pose distractions and strong scents, which interfere with a […]

Podcast #25 – Spanish Wine Bodega, Olivares

When I was down in the Alicante a while back I had a chance to visit a winery who makes a wine I love very much. This region is not known for it’s rain but the day we arrived it was raining like no other. Anyways, I did get the chance to record my tour fo the winery as I chatted with the daughter of owner Paco Selva, Elena Selva. Basically a short walk through of the winery and toward the end we chat a bit about the weather and their philosophy on oak influence in the wine. In the states one of their more populare wines is Panarroz, though the wine that I love is the Monastrell Dulce. Search […]

Podcast #24 – What is Fondillon?

What is Fondillon? Fondillon is a lost Spanish wine from Alicante and a great drink before or after dinner. Listen to today’s show and learn about Fondillon, its history, how it is made and the mysteries surrounding it. Unfortuantely, if you want to taste Fondillon, I’m afraid you might need to come to Spain. I haven’t seen examples available outside of the country; however, if you know where you can by it, please let us know! 0:00 – Intro 3:13 – My Talk with Emilio of Wine Meeting Point about Fondillon’s History 14:00 – Interview with Raphael Poveda and tasting 1944 and 1950 Fondillon’s Cheers, Ryan Opaz PS – Since taping this, I have tried the 1980 Fondillon made by […]

Podcast #23 – Birthday Cava and a New Grill

Yeah, I’m milking it, I know, but we had to open a nice bottle of Cava and celebrate a little last night. Grilled steaks, calçots, brussel sprouts with mushrooms and a 2004 Rivola, from Abadia Retuerta. Incredible night and I learned one important thing to remember, 2004 Ribera del Duero, STOCK UP! I’ve been impressed by the few I’ve had, but last night confirmed that they are a real treat! Here’s a short little podcast explaining a bit about our night as we got ready to light up the grill and toast with some Cava. Enjoy, Ryan PS. I’ll try to explain more later but Calçots on the grill are about the greatest food we’ve had in a while! PSS. […]

Budbreak in Spain

SO I sat down today to write a short post. I’ve been meaning to get to this for awhile. Turns out some of my grape vines buds popped out new leaves last week. A fact that means that Summer is arriving a bit ahead of schedule. Hence I thought all of you “geeks” out there would want to know. Anyways, I decided instead to splice a nun dancing with some shots of the leaves and a short but shakey commentary from me. See what you think. Cheers,

Podcast #21 – Angel Aguilar of Sam’s Wines and Spirits

This week I have an interview with the Iberian wine specialist for Sam’s Wines and Spirits in Chicago, Angel Aguilar. We talk about his start in wine, and some of the directions he sees Iberian wine headed. Along with getting a few recommendations for wines that he likes right now. The best part too is that if your interested in trying out the recommendations you can order online from Sam’s wine shop, that is if your in the USA, and if you are in a state that allows direct shipping. Enjoy! Some of the wine’s recommended by Angel: Luna Beberide Mencia Bierzo 2005 Dominio de Tares Mencia “Baltos” Bierzo 2004 Pago Del Oro Toro 2005 Bodegas Valtravieso “Dominio de Nogara” […]

Winecast – Interviews Us

From the moment it began, the Podcast world has had me mesmerized by its streaming audio, sparse commercials and great content. Tim Elliot at Winecast was the first wine geek to jump into this new technology, and we’ve been fans from the beginning. Hence, it is of no surprise that when he invited us onto his show while visiting Minnesota, we were elated! Here is my interview with, and the ever famous, Tim Elliot. 00:21 – Welcome and Introduction 01:10 – Your Iberian wine questions with Ryan Opaz 26:17 – Don Olegario, Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain 2004 ($19) 30:27 – Sociedade Agrícola Casal do Tojo, “Lisa”, Terras do Sado, Portugal 2004 ($11) + 36:07 – Bodegas 3 Suenos, “Sexto“, […]