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Cava Boycott Update

Cava Cork

As I mentioned before the holidays, Cava is being shunned here in Spain due to the Catalan movement for independence, the rest of Spain seems eager to shut out Catalan wine producers. So it was an eye opener to come across this article today with some numbers on the results of this boycott. Turns out that sales are going up everywhere but in Spain. There has been a 6.3% growth in foreign exports of Cava, while sales internally have dropped by 6.6%. In the end, this means that when all the numbers shake out, sales overall increased by .43%. Albiet a small increase, it is a good sign for the future of Cava.

But why are we seeing a boycott on Cava at all? Of all of the DO’s in Spain, Cava is the only one not defined geographically but is simply a set of guidelines to follow. However, Cava is not only produced in DO Cava, but all throughout Spain. And according to one wine shop I chatted with here in Madrid, Cava made outside of Catalunya has sold very well this past holiday season.

In the end, as mentioned prior, this whole boycott is ridiculous. It seems the people of Catalonia feel the same way too. If you disagree with the politics, that’s one thing – and feel free to protest all you want, but in the end, even if Catalunya receives some measure of independence, it’s still a part of Spain. Not to mention that most of the wine producers are completely outside of the political fray on this. On the other hand, if you live outside of Spain be aware that new brands and more styles should be coming to your area as winemakers search for new markets. That is if the Japanese don’t grab it all first.

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