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Celebrate Port Wine Day in Porto!

Port Wine DayNow that autumn is upon us, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be cracking open a Port wine to celebrate the season. It warms the body when the winter chill seeps in. It’s versatile and perfectly suited for any conversation ranging from deforestation to the proliferation of sloths as pets. And beyond all else, there’s a flavor perfectly suited for anyone. And we do mean, everyone!

So if you’re in Porto this week, why not take the opportunity to try a wide variety of Port wines throughout the city. If you’re looking for a “Port Wine Crawl”, there are dozens of bars and restaurants serving up a special wine and food pairing. For those craving a more substantial understanding of how Port wine can pair with food, Port lodges across Vila Nova de Gaia have created an entire menu around this legendary wine. For cocktail lovers, you can savor the ubiquitous White Port & Tonic, CaipiPorto (Caipirinha made with Port wine) or a Noval Black Cocktail – a variety of cocktails made with Quinta do Noval Ruby Port.

The event will conclude on Friday the 10th of September, where a full day of innovative Talks, Masterclasses and Tastings will be held at Porto’s historic conference center, the Alfandega. For those of you keen to meet Catavino’s Ryan Opaz, he’ll be giving a speech on the impact social media has on enjoying wine.

For more information, head over to event’s website, Port Wine Day, for more information. If you’re needing some tips on what to do while in town, check out our Porto Gourmet Guide. Finally, for those of you needing a customized experience targeted specifically to your vinous or gastronomical needs, drop us an email and let us know how we can help you!