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Cheap Wine!

While in Spain, I have had the chance to taste wines from 100 euros a bottle to wines that cost .50 cents a bottle. Today I picked at random two wines, one red and one white that I was able to buy in the supermarket for less than 3 euros each! Surprisingly, sometimes it’s the cheaper ones that I enjoy more. Friday night, pizza, a movie, 2 euro “vino tinto” doesn’t sound so bad! The two wines I picked below both show good varietal correctness and have enough complexity to keep me interested. Another nice facet of “cheap” wine is it’s often a bit higher in acidity, a consequence of bulk production when you get some unripe grapes thrown in with the ripe ones. This though tends to make a lot of these wines better able to pair with food, having the acidity to cut through fats and oils and in the end balancing out the flavors better.

Next time your in Spain, don’t just check out the “wine shops”, but also make sure to stop into a supermarket or two! You might be surprised by what you find, and for 2 euros. you sure won’t be cutting into your budget too much.

Till soon, Ryan

  • 2004 Vinos Jeromín Vega Madroño – Spain, Madrid (6/9/2005)
    Can’t say I’ve had much Malvar or [Airen->] but this wine makes me wish I had. 60% Malvar, 40% [Airen->], this is truely a “find. Pale yellow with briliant clarity. The nose is of peach flesh and includes a slight floral touch. Med weight in the mouth with a medium acid component. It is crisp and vibrant on the palate. Soft fruit shows in the mouth, with light melon, some green table grape flavors and a delicate floral finish. The palate is slightly off-dry and the finish cleanses your mouth, leaving you with a plesant fruit forward after taste. At 2 euros a bottle, why not have more! c5a12t15o7=89 [(89 pts) Catavino Score=4->]
  • N.V. Vina Rotura [Cariñena->] – Spain, Aragón, Cariñena (3/1/2005)
    Light red with brilliant clarity. Cherry, light cinnamon and a little bit of smoke and spice. Medium body with a light sweetness in the front of the palate but ending dry. Fine [tannins->] and very light. Tart cherry and light spice with a nice overall spice quality. Not bad for a cheap bottle of red from the supermarket.
    C5+A12+F12+O6=85 [(85 pts) Catavino Score=3->]

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