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Competition for Young, Innovative Winemakers! But Where are the Spanish and Portuguese?!!

Have you heard of Naked Wines? No? Then you don’t live and breathe in the UK wine world. Simple as that.

Approximately a year ago, Naked Wines transformed internet wine sales when they developed a unique approach to online wine retail. Essentially, they realized that wine drinkers weren’t the final decision makers when choosing which wines were available to purchase online. Using a combination of direct marketing and recruited wine drinkers (not wine professionals) when choosing their wine selections, they made big waves across the sector. Not only were they reaching out to small wineries, but they were also introducing previously unknown wine makers into the UK market.

What’s truly incredible, or sad, is that they only have 2 Portuguese wines, and 14 Spanish wines, available for purchase! France, South Africa, Chile and Australia all have a much stronger presence. From our perspective, this clearly needs to change!

While I have wanted to write about Naked Wines for awhile, I haven’t had either the time, nor the reason to do so. Hence, today’s post was prompted by Naked Wines themselves, who requested that we lend them a helpful hand. We are not partners, nor are we getting paid for this, but we are for supporting new ideas

Here, for the first time at Catavino, is a direct reprint of a press release:

Naked Wines announces £5million investment fund for winemakers

Online wine retailer Naked Wines, along with their network of 20,000 wine angels, has announced a £5million investment fund for talented winemakers looking to set up in business.

“We’re looking to commission experienced, proven winemakers, who are looking to go it alone, to create stunning new wines for UK wine drinkers.” explained Rowan Gormley, Founder of Naked Wines.

“And through the overwhelming support of our key investors, our community of Angel customers, we’ve been able to pledge a significant sum to launch the project.

We will cover production costs, pay a salary, guarantee an order, market the wines, pay a profit per bottle sold… In other words, provide all the tools an independent winemaker needs to create their own wine, under their own label, without the risks usually associated with being self-employed in the wine world.

All that remains is to raise awareness and get recruiting.”

Interested winemakers can find out more about the project, and apply for a slice of the pie, at

“We’re happy to hear from winemakers from all corners of the world, but agents and large wineries need not apply…”

This announcement follows the success of Naked Wines latest winemaking recruits, husband and wife duo Felipe Garcia and Constanza Schwarder, who launched their first solo vintage in the UK with the support and investment of Naked Wine Angels. The couple, who have worked for some of Chile’s most prestigious wineries, have recently gone on to win two key accolades at this year’s Wines of Chile Awards.

Website :

Company Publisher : Naked Wines

Contact Details: +44 (0)1603 281 800 / [email protected]

Unfortunately, Naked Wines is getting a very weak response from Iberia! Thus, explaining the request for us to help push it a bit! This is a DREAM COME TRUE for a young winemaker trying to find their place in the wine world. All you need to do is have fun making a good, solid wine, and you only need to work with Naked Wines in the UK. Plus, you are given a salary to make great wine, which also guarantees an order! Then you sell that very same wine and still make a profit…WAaaaaAAAaaa?

Catavino knows that there are loads of quality grapes in Spain and Portugal that are not being made into wine. We also meet hopeful winemakers every day who dream of making it big. So we’re here to say why not GO FOR IT! We’d love to see you make this dream come true. Let’s not let this opportunity go to just France or Australia! Let’s make it happen here in Iberia!!! Not to mention that this potential publicity will help the peninsula, country and/or region where the wines are made.

We here at Catavino would be proud to see Iberia gain the spotlight, and if it does, we’ll be here to cover it. Our promise is to tell the story of your wine from start to finish! So winemakers, the details are above and this link will take you to the registration page! Go sign up and make us some wine!!


Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

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  • Fabius

    Hi, I'm an Iberian Winery (!) and I applied for the Naked Wine scheme a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I was told that my production was too small!!! (it was 2000 bottles in 2009). I got back to them saying that I could produce 8000 bottles in 2010, but no reply so far. I shall wait ans see :)

  • Fabius

    Well, Naked Wines have not even bothered to reply to me. Looks like they're not interested in a mere 8000 bottles :(

  • @cortesdecima

    Sorry to read this Fabius, and thanks for reporting your progress. Kind of surprising, as from the blurb, you would think they were looking for small producers! I guess it all really boils down to just another clever marketing idea, in a market already bristling with lots of them!

  • Fabius

    Sadly I think you're right! Deep down in my heart of heatrs I knew it was too good to be true, but 'what the hell!' I applied anyway just to see what would happen. But no problemo! nothing has changed for me – we're on the right track, going strong, full of optimism and confidence :)

  • Fabius

    Well, my grumpy posts above have provoked a response from Naked Wines! I just got an email today from them saying that they are working on something for smaller wineries, that it’s not a marketing ploy, and that all will be revealed soon.
    I shall have to learn to be less cynical and more patient!

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