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Contribute to the Haiti Cause through Wine

When tragedy strikes, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling as if you’re powerless to do anything, especially when the devastation is so great. As a result of the earthquake in Haiti, tens of thousands of people have either lost their lives or have been trapped under heavy rubble without food or water. The situation has only become graver as days past, with gangs taking their intimidation techniques to the streets, survivors looting and robbing shops for whatever food they can find, not to mention the mass of orphans needing basic shelter and care.

The question being, what can we do? If you’re equally passionate about wine, here’s your opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and contribute to a good cause. There are several opportunities out there from wine auctions to raffles and from wine tastings to workshops. Wine lovers internationally have put their passion to use by providing us dozens of good reasons to contribute to the cause. Now it’s only a question of which one.

Please take a moment to donate. It takes just a few dollars to make a huge difference. And if you have a wine charity to tell us about, please do in the comments below.


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Here are just some of the amazing projects for you to choose from. Note that the information below was taken directly from the respective sites. For more info on each project, simply click on the title:

Wine for Haiti SF Charity Fundraiser

Monday [September 17th] Vinos Unicos are hosting a public charity wine tasting to raise money for four foundations to directly help the Haiti earthquake relief effort: Sirona Cares Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Partners In Health and the American Red Cross. It’s fitting that this coming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Dr. King whose name is synonymous with peace and goodwill towards his fellow man I believe would be very proud of the world’s effort to help our Haitian brother’s and sister’s. The Presidio Café has graciously offered the venue for the event which will be from 5-8pm Monday, January 18th. Local wine importers International Vineyards , Blue Danube Wine Company and Siena Imports along with us at Vinos Unico will donate over twenty-five wines to be poured that evening. Sommeliers from the SF wine community are coming in to pour for the public and offer their knowledge and expertise. This event is open to the general public. Please come out with your checkbooks and support the Haiti relief effort. We’re asking for suggested donations of $50 and preferred donations of $100… and more if you are able. You can write your check out directly to the foundation of your choice, 100% of monies raised will go directly to these wonderful organizations!

Here are the wines we will be pouring from the Iberian Peninsula; however there will be other importers pouring wines from France, Italy, Austria, etc. as well:

  • Barcino Cava
  • Trajarinho Vinho Verde 2008
  • Cantos Rodados Verdejo 2008
  • Talai Berri Txacolina 2008
  • Paulo Laureano Singularis 2006
  • La Nevera 2007, Navarra
  • Amplio Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (California)

Wine Auction for Haiti

For the first time ever, Brother, can you spare a bottle? will team with Palate Press: The online wine magazine to encourage the wine-loving world to contribute to a cause outside our own.

Brother, can you spare a bottle? Can you pull something special from your cellar, a bottle you’ve been saving? Perhaps you will contribute the bottle you were saving for Open That Bottle Night. Or maybe next time you’re at the wine store you will pick up an extra for us.

The auction will be held on line, in the comments section, in this post. Palate Press: The online wine magazine will auction the wine in cases, as they arrive. David Honig, Publisher of Palate Press: The online wine magazine, will start the ball rolling with a 1976 Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Beerenauslese, retail value $139.00.

All the money will go to the American Red Cross (click the link to contribute money right now). Palate Press: The online wine magazine will cover costs of shipping and handling to the winner.

WLDG Haitian Relief Fundraiser: Raffle of Bordeaux, etc

Some of you might recall after Katrina we did a raffle on the old WLDG that raised over $10K. Looking at the horror of what has happened in Haiti, Robin has approved doing this again.

Here are the rules

  1. Up to 100 entrants.
  2. You need to make a donation of at least $30 to a charity doing work directly in Haiti.
  3. Send me a PM or email ([email protected], PLEASE include “Haiti” in subject line) with charity you supported, and a cut and paste of a section of donation acknowledgement ( email or webpage- DWB didn’t send an immediate receipt, though edited to add it came through after about an hour). You don’t need to include address, amount, etc. Just something to show you did something (I hate to think anyone would sign up without donating, but you never know).
  4. If you want to donate an additional prize, post it here. Since I mostly have less expensive stuff, I’m donating a lot of 4 bottles, but a single nice bottle is a good prize.
  5. We’ll hope for 100 donors, and 3-8 prizes. Next Fri (1/22) the last 2 digits (after the decimal) of the DJIA as published in the NYT will the winning number. For instance, if the Dow finishes at 10713.37, whoever is 37th donor on list wins my lot of Bordeaux. If there are other prizes, they will be the Dow on the next day of business, in order (so prize #2 1/25, #3 1/26,.etc). If we don’t reach 100, and no donor number coincides, prize stays with donor.
  6. Robin is final arbiter of disputes. Look, this is just a way to spur all of us with good intentions to do what we know we should do. Let’s have a little fun and help those in tremendous need. May the best man or woman win the best wine!
  7. Prize #1 – 4 decades of Bordeaux. Your choice of one bottle per decade:
    • 1970 Canon, 1979 du Tertre, or 1979 Domaine de Chevalier
    • 1983 Gruaud Larose, 1988 Bon Pasteur, or 1989 Meyney
    • 1990 Meyney, 1995 Soutard, or 1998 du Tertre
    • 2001 Sociando, 2001 Lagrange, or 2005 du Tertre

    (none of these are super valuable, each worth $30-90, but lot is worth $150-250 depending on what you pick.)
    Will ship wherever possible within continental US, if you are in a state with legal issues it’s up to you to find alternate address.

Help Haiti at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe

January 15th from 7:00-9:00pm

The Wolfe family and the Wolfepack are generous people and Christie and I have decided that all the proceedes from the tasting Friday night will go to the RED CROSS.  YES we said ALL the proceeds.  We have elicited the help of our distributors so there will be even more wine that is at the tasting than what is listed here.  So from the entrance fee to what ever you buy, all the profit will go to the RED CROSS,  come and open you hearts and wallets and our check will go to the RED CROSS monday.Wines to be tasted:

  • Domaine De La Janasse Terre d’ Argile Cotes du Rhone Villages 2007
  • Seghesio Zinfandel, Sonoma County 2008
  • ADW “The Hattrick”, Australia 2005
  • Mas Doix Salanques, Priorat 2006
  • Aalto Ribera del Duero 2006
  • Sonador Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2002
  • Marengo Barolo “Brunate” La Morra 2005

Wines that will be added: Dierberg, Honig, Scavino, Ben Marco, Zuccardi and some others are coming later. $10 to all Wolfe Pack who call (305) 445-4567 or E-mail with an [email protected] send a tweet @wolfeswines gets you in and a riedel glass to go home. Big, Bold and Beefy Winter Reds at Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe on the Mile.

124 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL

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