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Victor de la Serna

Cork, Cork, and More Cork


Today I found the best solution for the problem of cork manufactures needing to sell cork and wine drinkers who want their young wines put in screw caps. Cork Floors are what I assume a new trend, though it may be older than I thought. This article on cork floors, lays out some reasons that it’s better than other surfaces. According to the article:

Because cork consists of cells filled with air, the flooring never feels cold, and it always gives your feet a little spring. When you walk on a cork floor, you’re literally walking on shock absorbers — a boon to tired legs and feet. The air also deadens sound and reduces vibration, which makes cork floors remarkably quiet, a particular benefit if another floor is underneath

Well this just makes me happy. If anyone out there has a cork floor I want to know does it last long, do you like it? On the other hand I wonder if when you drop some food on the floor for more than the 5 second rule
, do you run the risk of cork taint? Imagine, “Honey are you sure you didn’t drop my steak on the floor, it tastes a bit like TCA”!

Anyways, I hope that with time people start using cork(inferior) for practical uses like flooring than sealing my 10 dollar Verdejo that I plan to drink the minute I buy it.

Till soon,
Ryan Opaz