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Countdown to Catavino’s 10 Day USA Tour – WBC Meets EWBC

aldeaIn exactly 10 days, we will be heading to New York City, followed by San Francisco and back to NYC for a 10 day immersion into the American wine blog culture. What does this mean? Having lived and breathed Europe for the past 5 years, we’ve only met less than a dozen American wine bloggers, despite the fact that we are not only American bloggers, but that much of our readership is from the USA. Yet, our conversations and meetings have remained in the virtual world, far from a handshake, the sound of someone’s laughter or the experience of sharing physical space. Consequently, we’ve decided to change this, heading west as a result of the generous sponsorship of the EWBC by Viniportugal.

Viniportugal, the generic body for wines of Portugal, is one of the main sponsors of the 2009 European Wine Blogger’s Conference held this October in Lisbon, Portugal, and has offered to bring Catavino to the USA to co-host two Portuguese wine tastings. The first tasting will take place in NYC at the new Portuguese restaurant called, Aldea, on July 22nd, where we will taste approximately a dozen wines, including (this is not a complete list and the wines and vintages are subject to change):

  • Vallado Douro Red 2007
  • Malhadinha Nova Monte da Peceguina 2007
  • Cortes de Cima Incognito 2005
  • Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde 2008
  • Crasto Douro Red 2007
  • Broadbent Vinho Verde NV
  • Quevedo Vintage Port 2005
  • Evel Grande Reserva Red, Douro, 2005
  • Tinto da Ânfora Red, Alentejo, 2006
  • Quinta da Romeira 2008
  • Sogevinus Veedha 2007
  • Heredade dos Grous 2006
  • Herdade do Esporão 2006
  • Herdade do Esporão 2008

winebloggers-logo_square-jmvCome the crack of dawn the following morning, we jump on a plane and head west. And by this point, if we’re not hooked up to IVs running freely with extra strength espresso, I’ll be totally shocked. Between the jet lag coming from BCN to NYC, late nights, and then another 6 hour flight, setting our internal timetable back 9 hours, I have no doubt we would be walking zombies if it wasn’t for the famed El Jefe Gathering.

Fortunately, our exhaustion will be set aside upon arrival to SFO, when we jump into the car with Megan Kenney of Wannabe Wino and Thea Dwelle of Luscious Lushes and head to Twisted Oak winery to meet the legendary El Jefe. Here, we’ll finally meet the man behind TAPAS (Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society), tour his winery, and potentially, have a long and leisurely barbecue.

The following morning, July 24th, we head to the Flamingo Resort where we will be attending the American Wine Bloggers Conference, where we co-host our second Portuguese wine tasting with Viniportugal. On Saturday, July 25th, at 9pm we’ll uncork 3 dozen Portuguese wines at the Flamingo Resort. Admittedly, we did not choose these wines, but we can happily say that many of them are our favorites. All of the wines poured are available in the USA, and a handful of them will have someone from the winery present to answer any questions you may have. The wines selected are (wines and vintages are subject to change):

  • Adega Coop. Borba Reserva 2005 (The Cork Label)
  • Adega Cooperativa de Borba Reserva 2004
  • Adega Cooperativa de Monção Fuzelo 2008
  • Sogrape Vinhos Broadbent Vinho Verde NV
  • CARM Red 2006
  • Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande 2002
  • Quinta do Casal Branco 2007
  • Casal Branco Terra de Lobos 2006
  • Casal Branco Quartilho Branco 2007
  • Casal Branco Quartilho Tinto 2006
  • Cortes de Cima Chaminé 2008
  • Cortes de Cima Reserva 2004 Cortes de Cima
  • Dona Maria 2006
  • Cabriz Colheita Selectionada 2006
  • Herdade do Esporão Red Reserva 2005
  • Herdade do Esporao White Reserva 2008
  • JP Ramos Marques de Borba 2007
  • Niepoort Twisted 2007
  • Quevedo Vintage Port 2005
  • Quevedo Vintage Port 2007
  • Quinta da Aveleda 2008
  • Quinta do Noval 10 y o Tawny NV
  • Quinta do Noval LBV Unfilt. 2003
  • Quinta do Vallado 2007
  • Quinta do Vallado 2006
  • Quinta Vale D. Maria 2006
  • Van Zellers 2006
  • Quinta de São Simão da Aguieira 2007
  • Quinta da Soalheira 2007
  • Sogevinus Veedha 2007
  • Callabriga Alentejo Red 2006
  • Callabriga Dão Red 2007
  • Callabriga Douro Red 2006
  • Quinta de Azevedo 2008
  • Quinta dos Carvalhais Touriga Nacional 2000
  • Quinta de Roriz Prazo de Roriz 2006
  • Grahams Six Grapes NV
  • Dows Vale do Bomfim 2006
  • Vinhos da Cavaca Dourada Mouchão 2003

The other great aspect of coming to both NYC and CA is that we have several incredible announcements for the USA food and wine bloggers! Free trips? Exciting opportunities? You’ll just have to wait to see.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, or are interested in meeting with us while we are in your neck of the woods, please drop us an email. As of now, we are not sure of our phone set up while in the States, but when we do know, we’ll be sure to pass that number onto everyone! Our hope is that we’ll meet many of the faces behind the blogs,  make some new friends, and without a doubt, drink plenty of good wine.


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