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Día del Vino – The Day of Wine

Press releases, I get them everyday. Usually they tell me nothing that I really want to know about. “Our obscure wine just won the gold medal at a wine event that no one has ever heard of! Oh Joy!”. Daily people send these and I delete them hoping one day to get one with something that I want to hear about. Yesterday I got one that was interesting. Vinoselección is announcing their Day of Wine to take place the 17th and 18th of June. Let’s see, today is the 16th of June, by my calculations that makes it a one or two day notification of a wine event that everyone should know about. For two days 70+ bodegas stretched fully across the countryside of Spain will be opening their doors for you to try their wines and see their wineries. Not bad if only there was some time to plan since to see any large quantity of them, you would need to find a bus, train, car, plane and maybe walking stick to make it to them all. In Spain I think it might be better to have a month available to visit due to the distance and difficulty of getting around, not to mention the temptation to taste a bit too much and drive!
The whole event is being hosted by Vinoselección a group who publish La Otra Guía, or “the other guide” which is a 3euro restaurant guide that outlines restaurants around Spain. They also are at their core a wine club that helps members to find new wines to try and then sells them to you. Thank god here in Spain we don’t have draconian shipping laws and therefore they can also ship or deliver the wine to you. For this reason I assume the main goal of this weekend is to help out their members, who most likely have been hearing about this for awhile now, to see some of the wineries who’s wines they have bought.
On the other hand since this is a public event not limited to members, you too can check out these wineries for free. So if you live in Spain and you speak some Spanish check out this cool interactive map and find what wineries are open in your area. The event is free and goes from 9am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Free wine. Sat and Sun the 17th and 18th. All over Spain.

till soon,

Ryan Opaz