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Domaine 547 – A new Partner

Domaine 547

We are the first ones to admit that our website is not a money generator. If we solely relied on Catavino to pay our rent, you’d most likely see us on the train serenading passing tourists with songs of failed attempts to garner interest in Iberian wine. It’s not a pretty site, made less attractive by the fact that, even in the shower, we sound distinctly like two cats being strangled.

Recognizing our limitations, we’ve chosen to build upon a skill imperative to any blog: forming relationship and building community. As the cyber world brings us closer together, we’ve found ourselves creating bridges with people we may never physically meet in our lifetime, but have become an integral part of our lives. Our relationships are virtual and have grown only as a result of mutual trust and symbiosis.

Last month, we forged a relationship with Jill at Domaine 547 when she approached us with the idea of the Blogger Pack. As we were hosting Portuguese table wines for Wine Blog Wednesday, Jill suggested that Catavino recommended three Portuguese wines to encourage participation, while Domaine 547 provided the means to distribute them directly to you. For us, it was a no brainer. Although we receive no kick back from any of the packets sold, of which there are still a few left needing a good home, we did gain an entertaining, perky and extremely witty partner on the other side of the big pond. Plus, through the grapevine, we’ve only heard compliments as to how easy the wine was to order, how quickly it arrived, and how pleased people were of both the wine and the information that came with it.

Therefore, when Jill approached us again, quite pleased by the success of the Portuguese Wine Pack, suggesting that we lend Catavino’s name to a 5% discount on all wine through Domaine 547, we said, sure! In return you help Catavino to cover a few of our costs, by giving us a small portion of the sale. We know that this will not in the end make us rich but it’s always nice to see people supporting our cause!

To receive the discount on their site, simply choose your wines and continue on to the checkout page. Once you go through both the first page (entering shipping information) and the second page (the type of shipping desired), you will arrive at the billing page. In the billing page, enter Catavino in the “Discount Coupon” section under Redemption Code. That’s it! You know have knocked off 5% off your entire order!

Relationships are not easy to build. They take time, effort, and a desire to continually connect with the other person to build trust. We are very appreciative we found Jill, and trust that you can count on several more exciting opportunities coming through our teamwork!

Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

PS. As you know, it’s Port Month at Catavino! Make sure to check out the new Port wines Jill is now carrying on our recommendation.

Full Disclosure: Catavino makes no claims of endorsing every wine on Domaine547. The wines on her site that we do recommend fall under our policy of wines we like.