Dominio Dostares, 2006 Tombú | Catavino
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Victor de la Serna

Dominio Dostares, 2006 Tombú

As mentioned in our Bodega Profile of Dominio Dostares, we did have the opportunity to do, yet another, vidcast to close April’s Virtual Tasting of rosé. Although I’m gaining experience being in front of a camera, I can’t say that I feel any more comfortable or fluent. No, instead, I find myself enjoying the tasting maybe at faster pace than one who is both relaxed and at ease, as I exemplify so well in my stellar pronunciation of the varietal Prieto Picudo. However, I challenge any of you to say this varietal 10 times in row successfully!


EDIT: Typo as pointed out by Sobre Vino:
and yes Bierzo is in Castilla y Leon!