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Spanish Bodega Profile – Dominio Dostares Valencia de Don Juan – Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León

Tombu 1

D.O./Region: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon
Address: Los Barredos 4, Polígono Industrial Bierzo Alto, San Román de Bembibre, 24318, Spain
Telephone: +34 987 51 45 50
Fax: +34 987 51 45 70
Email: info@dominiodetares.com
Website: http://www.dominiodetares.com
Founded: 2004
Hectares of Vines: 115 Hectares of vines over 90 years old
Liters of Wine Produced: 350,000
Winemaker: Team of Winemakers
Grape Varieties Grown: Prieto Picudo
Wines Produced: Estay, Leione, Cumal, Tombú
Importer to the USA or UK:
Classical Wines

Description of the Bodega by the Bodega:

Founded in 2004 by the highly-respected Dominio de Tares estate in D.O. Bierzo with the objective of recuperating and maximizing León’s Prieto Picudo variety. Reduced to a few hundred acres of old vines in the hands of local cooperatives, this variety had for years produced prickly, refreshing dry rosés, despite its high levels of color, extract, acidity and alcohol. Having acquired approximately 75% of the old vineyards, Dominio Dostares has applied production methods perfected in Bierzo to produce high-impact reds to challenge Spain’s highest level. Début in 2007.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the privilege, and I do mean privilege, of trying both of these wines and enjoying them thoroughly. Made from 100% Prieto Picudo old vines, both wines exhibited profound depth and complexity that left an extremely positive impression on both of our palates. Quite impressive for their originality and intense personalities. I have included our tasting notes for the Cumal, but have reserved our notes for the Tombú in an effort to direct people to our vidcast of the tasting that will be posted later today.




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