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Lovers of the Douro Valley: Apply for the Douro Entrepreneur Award!!

Douro ValleyThe Douro Valley is by far one of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes in the world with its undulating hills blanketed in grapevines, figs, pears and olives. Fruit literally bursts from its soils despite its steep incline and harsh climate. It’s a place of solitude, of calm, of beauty, of community. The Douro Valley is a natural haven known by few, but for those who have traversed its landscape, it’s cherished!

Which is why a powerful initiative has begun to promote the Douro Valley around the world. The EmpreenDouro Network, consisting of 28 entities, have gathered together to encourage and promote entrepreneurship in the Douro Valley via job creation, communication, financial support, initiatives, etc. It’s a lovely initiative, made even more attractive through the Douro Entrepreneur Award (Premio Douro Empreendedor), which aims to highlight innovative and creative projects focused on the Douro Valley. 

To apply, simply submit an application to 1 of the 5 categories:

  1. New Businesses: A business less than two years old  that is distinguished by their sound ideas and projects.
  2. Innovative and Creative Business: Highlights companies over two years old that are highly creative and innovative.
  3. International Tourism Projects: Companies, or projects, that promote the Douro as a quality international tourism destination.
  4. Creative Video: A creative, fresh and innovative look at the Douro Valley through film.
  5. PosterA visual, static, representation of the Douro’s traditions, people and the knowledge.

The last day to enter your project is by the 10th of October! Hence, if you have a fantastic creative or entrepreneurial  project that focuses on the Douro, enter today! Click here for the official rules and regulations (English / Portuguese)