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Environmental Friendly Wines: Worth Our Attention or a Marketing Ploy

We are currently in route to the II International Conference on Organic Viticulture, Sustainability and Climate Change (EcoSostenibleWine 2010) being held just south of Barcelona in Vilafranca de Penedes. Organised by the Catalan Institute of Wine and Viticulture (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action) and the Special Food Technology Research Centre (Autonomous University of Barcelona), the goal of the conference is to disseminate information on the latest technology in sustainability, organic procedures, and means to reduce the advance of climate change among winemakers and viticulturalists alike. (Photo by by graftedno1)

In light of eco-unfriendly events occurring around the globe, Ryan and I felt it was important to investigate a topic we feel is important, sustainability. However, the way in which we define, communicate and market “sustainable” wine can sometimes be quite different from the purist form of the word, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put our best foot forward.

So today, in true crowd sourcing fashion, please provide us your position on environmentally friendly winemaking and wines to help guide us in our post for later today. Granted, this conference is very industry focused, filled with uber techy terms that I’ll need my handy dictionary for, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t sift through the geekdom to the heart of the matter. Please take a moment to help us understand what environmentally friendly winemaking means to you.

1. Do you know the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wine? And if not, do you care to know?
2. Do you buy wine based on its adherence to sustainability and eco-friendly practices?
3. Have you found a difference between sustainable wine (organic, biodynamic and natural) and non-sustainable wines?
4. Does marketing have a part to play in environmentally friendly wine?
5. Do you feel that both consumers and winemakers alike should pay greater attention to environmentally friendly wine?

Please leave your thoughts, as we will be checking this post throughout the day. Thanks!


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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