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Eric Solomon, Catavino, Twitter and You

Today, we have an announcement. This Thursday, if the planets align and Twitter stays live for more then 10 minutes,  we’ll be tasting wines with the prestigious wine importer, Eric Solomon of European Cellars and the new online wine retailer When I started in wine, 10 years ago, Eric’s wines were some of the first inspirations that brushed my young immature palate. Wines like Hecula from Yecla, motivated me to learn about unknown regions and wines. Hence, I was super excited when Craig Drollet of Bin Ends Wine invited Gabriella and I to help host a tasting with Eric on the micro blogging platform of Twitter. On the 17th of July, around 7pm eastern, you can sign into Twitter and taste with us, as we discuss the following wines:

  • Pazo de Monterrey Monterrei 2006
  • Pazo de Senorans Albarino 2007
  • Rafael Palacios Louro do Bolo Godello 2006
  • Burgans Bierzo “Cuatros Pasos” 2005
  • Bodegas Mustiguillo “Mestizajes” 2005
  • Castano Yecla “Solanera” 2005

Now, for those of you who are scratching your head with confusion, allow me to explain Twitter. Twitter is a tool that allows you to have conversations that are 140 characters in length with a global audience. Sound silly? It is a little silly, and it’s become one of the most important social media tools in a wine bloggers/lovers arsenal. Hard to explain, and it will take you about a week of using it to understand, but once you do it, you may find you like it. If anyone else has a quasi decent explanation, please leave it in the comments section below. That said, head over to and sign up. Use your real name, or something recognizable, and then search for Catavino and GabriellaOpaz, and we’ll make you our friends. Trust us, we’ll explain more later…Now back to the tasting.

If you want to buy any of the wines, you can do so from, but we are not affiliated or endorse them in any way. On the other hand I will say my contact there is Craig Drollet, who seems like a pretty nice guy! That said they do have a special price on the wines for the tasting, and you can order from them.

As a promoters of Iberian wine, we are clearly excited to be a part of a very innovative and unique wine event that pushes the envelope, similar to when Eric first brought in the great Monastrells from Jumilla and Yecla, Spain. These regions were, and to some extent still are, the back water of Spanish wine, but they are also hidden treasures that are worthy of exploration. Thus, it makes sense that Eric would be involved with this new type of wine event, once again trying something new.

As for Catavino, we’re just excited to see our name associated with a personal hero of the wine world. And although we’ve tasted the majority of the wines, they are all interesting and worthwhile to taste again. I know that most of them are widely distributed in the US, so if you can find them, please do grab a couple to pop open on Thursday with us. We’ll see where this all goes together!


Ryan Opaz

BTW Just talked to Craig and I didn’t know but these guys only started a few weeks ago! Glad to see people like Craig trying new things. Also we have some questions out for Eric and the minute he responds we’ll get them up here on Catavino.

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  • Andrew Chapman

    A corking idea, count me in.. oh, except it'll be like 1am or something in UK won't it? It is a fab idea though and I'm keen to see how it goes. Look forward to the update

  • ryan

    Yeah it will be pretty late…we might need some coffee first! :)

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  • Marco Romano

    Thanks for the tip in binends. I found some good Toro on sale!

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