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EU and US sign controversial wine accord – – the route to all good wine

I haven’t heard how this will effect life here in Spain, but I’ll do some checking and get back to you. At least there will be no more “false” Sherry from Christian Brothers!

EU and US Sign Controversial Wine Accord
March 14, 2006
Oliver Styles

EU and US representatives have signed a controversial agreement on winemaking practices and wine labelling between the two regions.

As part of the deal, which has been in gestation since September 2005, the US has agreed to curb the use of semi-generic European place names that are stringently protected by France and other EU members. Semi-generic names are locally-specific geographical terms such as Parma ham or Madeira wine.

US producers will no longer be able to use 17 such terms, including Chablis, Sherry and Chianti, on their wine labels… Continue reading about the new wine law here.