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Joan Gómez Pallarès

European Union Reforms

Finally, not only some sane news, but also an idea that could actually help the sales of European wines around the globe. Unlike New World countries that place the varietal clearly on the label, Old World countries may place the wine region, village or producer on the label. The result has been disastrous for wine sales in European countries because the simplicity of the New World labeling has led to increased sales. The brightside being that, “EU Commissioner Calls for Simple Wine Labels“. According to Mariann Fischer Boel, the EU Farmer Commissioner, “…the consumer wants simple, clear labeling…” – a sentiment that any wine retailer, exporter or wine maker has known for years. She goes on to state that the consumer is asking for a glass or bottle of a specific varietal, not by the producer or region. Therefore, change is inevitable if Europe wants to sell more wine. The hitch to this problem is that not only is the EU Farmer Commissioner meddling with major cultural ties to their labeling regulations, but she is also biting at the heels of major reforms already hitting Europe like emergency distillation and government subsities to farmers. Fortunately, Spain has not overproduced and needed emergency distillation. We can only hope that Mariann can get the vines ripped up and new labels placed on bottles, but due to other issues within the reform like chapitalization, it appears that the battle to make this reform a reality is still a long shot!