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European Wine Bloggers Conference 2008 – Planning

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2008 – Planning

EWBC 2008

So it appears that there is considerable support for the idea of having a European wine blogger conference. Those that are following along with last week’s post on the proposed conference will notice that we have a good diverse group. One thing to point out though, is that this is a work in progress and an attempt to do something with as much group involvement and participation as possible. Therefore, I’m going to start by saying that all offers to help out will be accepted. But first, we need to answer some preliminary questions before we go any further.

1) When do we want this? Gerry Dawes has mentioned that our proposed dates are not the best for various reasons. Others seem to agree. So I have this question: what works for you? Please vote in the poll listed below. If you have a better answer, feel free to suggest it in the comments below.
We do feel that it needs to be around this time of year, but we are open to all suggestions. Just know that we would like to set the date in stone, before we get to far into February.
2) Logo! Please help us make a fun logo for the event. Maybe we’ll make t-shirts, or we’ll just use it for promo materials. No pay, just lot’s of praise and pats on the back! The only requirement is that the logo somehow incorporate the Wineblogger.info logo. Have fun with it. It will be used in any future communications and on the site I put up at: http://ewbc2008.wineblogger.info as a header banner, so keep that in mind.

3)America! Anyone who wants to make it will be welcome, and I’m going to do my best to make sure any international bloggers are treated to cheap accommodation and lowered travel expenses when in country. I think we should be able to make your time in Spain very affordable. But to make sure that this works well, it would do us good to get a feel for who might be interested in coming. Not “who is coming” but who thinks they could get a week off to visit! Please leave a comment, or send an email and let us know what you think!

That’s enough for now. Thanks to all who have added thoughts, comments, and who have contacted me about sponsoring the event. If you want to help sponsor this event, PLEASE, email me and let me know what you would like to do.

Ryan Opaz

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