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FENAVIN 2007 is shaping up to be a special wine fair for Catavino. Just 2 years ago, I was the small time blogger trying sneak my way into this very fair. Being my first major Spanish wine fair, and having what amounted to VERY LITTLE Spanish under my belt, I had no idea where it would lead. Now, just two years and a few more posts later, I return with a product to sell. In collaboration with a few friends, we will have our own stand on the upper level of the main building with some fun ideas to propose.

Over the course of the next week, I’ll be podcasting, videocasting, and adding pins to the newly created Atlas del Vino Español. You may recognize the name from a previous project, and although the idea is similar, the goals are far different. The simplest way to explain the Atlas del Vino Español is by comparing it to the yellow pages. Since our arrival to Spain, it has been close to impossible for us to find even the most basic information about a bodega. I’m not talking the historical information here. I’m simply referring to find a phone number or address. Granted, Peñíns guide has been an invaluable resource on several occasions, but it isn’t a practical solution when traveling. It’s a thick book and one that adds a few unnecessary pounds when abiding by weight restrictions on planes. Additionally, being a visual person, I would always rather look for something online, rather than search through a plethora of books, magazines and pamphlets for information that should theoretically be right at my fingertips; hence, the creation of the Atlas del Vino Español. It is an interactive informational map which is eventually intended to list every Bodega in Spain, along with their contact information. By a simple click on a pin, you have the luxury of seeing their information without having to be a detective, spending hours sifting through search terms in order to find a simple telephone number.

At this point, we are merely in the BETA stage, which means that we are still developing the idea, but it was mandatory to get this up and running by the start of the fair. By launching Atlas del Vino Español at FENAVIN, we have the opportunity to educate wineries of our presence, allowing them to get their information on the map. One by one, bodegas can add their contact information for free. If they so choose, they can later pay a small annual fee in order to get an enhanced listing. So with time, you’ll be able to explore the world of Spanish wine in a visual format.

We hope this goes well. It’s yet another step towards finding our place in Iberia. Wish us well!

Till soon,

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  • bbennett

    Ryan and Gabriella, Consider yourself well wished!! BB

  • bbennett

    Ryan and Gabriella,

    Consider yourself well wished!!


  • Gabriella Opaz

    Thank you Bill. As always, you are a wonderful cheerleader!

  • Thank you Bill. As always, you are a wonderful cheerleader!