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Frappr and Flickr?

Here at Catavino, we take pride in our desire to avoid profanities in an effort to put our English dictionary to good use; but recently, you may have been scratching your head wondering what we possibly could have meant by the “F” words: Frapper and Flickr. Frappr and Flickr have been mentioned on our podcast quite a bit lately and today we want to explain a bit why.

Frappr and Flickr are community based websites that help get like-minded people together to both share and interact. Frapper was originally created by three gentlemen named Brian, Kun and James who were bit curious as to where their high school and college friends ended up years after graduation, whereby creating Frappr. Frappr was later merged with their software company called Rising Concepts with the intention of helping people like you know where there are other people in the world who share your passions. How do you do that? You create an interactive global map that allows you to not only post where you’re located, but also where other people and places are. After noticing several other websites linking their readers together from around the world, we thought we should also step up and create this fabulous service for you. Just by adding your name and location, you can be connected to other lovers of Spanish and Portuguese wine. Plus, add your favorite bars and restaurants who also have an incredible selection of Iberian wine so that we can find it if we just so happen to visit your area!

Flickr shares the same idea as Frappr in connecting people with like interests; however, their niche revolves around pictures. With such great technology, we thought we should jump on the bandwagon and get in on the action too. Therefore, we started our own Flickr community website for you to share your wine adventures with us. Maybe you had a great Spanish cava on the beach in Costa Brava and want to the world to see the photo of you sipping the delicious wine infront of a Mediterranean sunset, or maybe you just have a picture of a bottle that you recently tried just sitting on your kitchen table. Whatever the picture is, we want to see it. Just make sure to post in the comment section of the picture, what you thought of the wine, and or where you found it.

Here is the best part of all, those who actually sign up for either one of our community sites will be entered into a drawing to receive a free bottle of vinegar and olive oil. Reserva y Cata, a retail wine store located in Madrid, is sponsoring a bottle of Anima Aurea extra virgin olive oil and a bottle of Passum vinegar made from sun dried macabao grapes. Both are exclusively from Spain and incredibly delicious.

All you need to do is either click on the Frappr map button on our sidebar and add your name to our map, or join our Flickr group by posting a photo and adding a comment about a wine you had from Iberia. At the end of the month, a randomly selected winner will receive both a bottle of premium vinegar and olive oil. In addition, we will not only provide you with some great recipes to use with the oil and vinegar, but also some advice on a wine to pair with the food.

Can’t wait to see what you post!

Ryan and Gabriella