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Freixenet – Money Wasted or Money Well Spent?

A few days ago, there was a post on the wine blog, Tempranillo, pointing me to the new Martin Scorsese movie commissioned by Freixnet, the largest Cava producer in Spain, to promote their wine Carta Nevada Reserva. Here’s the flick on YouTube, though from what I can tell, it was not posted by Freixenet on the popular social network site, but rather uploaded by fans of Scorsese.

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It’s a fun film, but is it worth the effort? Have you seen it before? What are your thoughts? If you go to the site and watch the movie, you have the option of leaving a suggestion for following year’s movie. In addition, Freixenet created a “blog” to go with it. I say “blog” in quotes, because it really is only a blog in the sense that it runs on wordpress. It’s solely available in Spanish (guess they spent all their money on Scorsese, and had none left over for a translator) and only contains links to its own articles. So in reality, it’s just a website and exemplifies a larger trend of big companies misunderstanding this social tool.

I don’t have much to say as of yet. I haven’t seen a lot of talk about it online, but maybe it’s in the “film” circles and not the wine and food circles I tend to spend my time in. Hence, I’d rather ask all of you Catavino readers, as we enter the month of Cava, what you think? Did Freixenet get what they paid for? Should big companies like Freixenet try to play in the world of blogs? Could this have been more effective with a call to fans “to create their own film”?


Ryan Opaz