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Friday Feature Photo: A Ripple in Time (Praia da Barra – Aveiro)

Praia da Barra - Aveiro

PhotographerRui Santos Costa

Capture Date: January 2013

Location: Praia da Barra – Aveiro (Portugal)

About: This photo was made during Winter time, at the end of January, 2013. By then I was still an IT consultant and business owner but photography already played a very important role in my life. A few months later, June that year, I decided I would like to go pro. So I went and things couldn’t go better.

Water, clouds or any other subject that may be affected by wind are normally a good target for my lenses as I tend to prefer daytime long-exposure photography. This photo was shot in Barra de Aveiro (Ílhavo) at the very end of Molhe Sul (seawall). I used an aperture value of f/22, and a 33 seconds exposure at 10mm focal distance. A Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod was also used for this long-exposure.

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