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Gary takes on two Sherry’s in his Sherry Episode!

Maybe he’s just distracted by the big(?) announcement tomorrow, but the folks here at Catavino are a bit perplexed? He starts the episode telling us he will be reviewing 4 sherries but two of them are not. Watch the Sherry episode and tell us what is wrong with this picture. Two of the wines are not like the others, and two of the wines are tangentially related to the theme of today’s episode.

Did the wine world change a little in the wrong way today? Maybe I’m being to big of a wine geek, but I believe if your going to educate people about wine, you should get your shit right. Especially with a misunderstood style like Sherry.

Gary, Alvear is not sherry and all the wines are made from Pedro Ximenez! Even the “Fino”!

Sorry for the short rant, but you all know how close sherry is to our hearts!


Ryan Opaz – Sherry lover in residence!

PS: Welcome all you visitors from Wine Library TV. If you want to learn more about Sherry check out these posts:
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Then make sure to join the Facebook Sherry lovers group! We’ll do our best to help all of you learn more about this Noble Beverage!

Cheers, Ryan

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