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Victor de la Serna

Good news – Port wine Damage over estimated

Although the storm that ripped through northern Portugal caused a fair amount of damage, the AP has announced that the actual loss to the land is considerably less than what was previously reported. According to Adrian Bridge, the Managing Director of Taylor’s Port:

“The storm that hit on Wednesday night did do extensive damage to some areas, but the reports of 80 percent are exaggerated, and the likely loss of production to the whole region will be between 10 to 20 percent as a direct result of the storm,”

This is great news for the smaller producers who can hopefully salvage their second crop of grapes that grow later in the season. According to the article, the IVP is also getting an early start in the effort to help vine growers to recuperate some of their losses. Free calcium, used to protect the damaged vines, will be provided by the IVP within the week, hopefully making sure that secondary damage from rot and broken vines can be quelled.

Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope that this doesn’t hurt too many farmers in the long run.

Ryan Opaz