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Gracia Arts Project Fundraising Wine Tasting in Barcelona: Help Save Art!

artArt is one of the first programs to get the axe in any recession. It’s typically considered an “extra”, a nice lovely way to beautify our surroundings, but nothing of substance. I personally, would beg to differ. Art, like wine, allows us to enhance and strengthen our perceptions and creativity in ways that few other programs can do.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for art, Catavino wouldn’t exist. Ryan’s artistic background has afforded him a unique gift to see each and every project, or hurdle, in a completely new light. This skill comes it play each and every day, as he uses every ounce of his imagination to turn something bland and uninteresting into a dynamic, conversational piece that evokes curious looks and attention from anyone coming in contact with it. And in a recession, what more could you possibly want than to push the limits, and use that fantastic gift of imagination to find new and exciting opportunities.

That said, on Thursday, May 14th through Saturday May 15th, Gracia Arts Project will host a wine tasting with the end goal of securing a partnership with Caf Gestion. Caf Gestion works with non-profits to secure funding and sponsorships long-term.

The program will consist of 3 topics, one each day:

  1. Introduction to Wine and World Overview
  2. The Wines of Catalunya
  3. The Wines of Rioja

All three wine tastings will be presented by Michael Donlon, who is said to have over 40+ years experience in the wine world. In addition, support has been offered by the following wineries: Codorniu, Freixenet, Marques de Murrieta, Castillo de Albai (Felix Solis), Raimat, Marques de Caceres, Campo Viejo, Torres and Albet i Noya.

Tickets cost 50 euros for all three nights, or 20 euros for each night, but spaces are going quickly!

Help others strengthen their imagination and use their creativity to the fullest!

For more information, please contact Justin at [email protected]

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