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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Chicago! It has been four days since I have seen Spain, almost two weeks for Ryan, and we are enjoying our visit thoroughly. It is not to say the transition hasn’t been a little strange though considering we are once again surrounded in our native language of English, enjoying an array of traditional Christmas dishes like Christmas pudding and roasted ham, and instead of using our feet for transportation, we are once again using a car. Yet in all honestly, although we are extremely excited to head back home to Spain again, having a taste of the opposite side of the spectrum has been a joy and one that makes visiting so much fun. On the other hand we are headed up to the north shore of lake Superior today for some R&R and we are very much looking foward to it. No computers or phones and just some nice laying around while sippping some wine!

Speaking of Spanish and Porguese wine, we have noticed several families breaking out a bottle of Iberian wine here and there in our honor. This in addition to the vast array of questions we have been fielding from people interested in learning more has been fantastic. There is nothing more fun than to have those close to you take a vested interested in what you have dedicated your livelihood to.

With this said, it is our wish for you that your Holiday Season has been filled with an equal amount of great conversation, food and wine as ours has, and hope that you burst into the New Year with a newfound desire to follow your dreams!! We’ll be back in a week. Sorry for the lack of posts, but 2007 is already looking to be a fun here at Catavino.

Best wishes to all and a Happy New Year, stay safe!

Gabriella and Ryan