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Helping the World through Cava: How Cava Berdie is Supporting NGO’s

5 Cavas, 5 Projects of Solidarity” is a joint initiative between Cava Berdié and 5 Non-Government Organizations (NGO). Located in Castellvi de la Marca, in the heart of Cava country, Cava Berdie is a family run company by 3 very passionate and innovative siblings: Montse, Robert and Sergie Jovani.

“Our goal from the very beginning of this project was to give as much it was to receive. This is why we, as a family, elected 5 NGO’s to allocate 7% of the profit made through Internet, telephone or in winery sales. It’s our way of giving back.” – Montse Jovani

Each NGO is related to a specific Cava. The Cavas can be purchased individually or in a box of six. In the latter case, as there are only 5 NGO’s in the project, and 7% of each of those Cavas is allocated to their designated NGO, profit made from the sixth bottle is reinvested into the project itself.

When I heard about this project, I was elated! It was a silver lining in a day when I felt overwhelmed with my lack of philanthropy. As wine is legally categorized, and socially perceived, as a luxury good, I consistently wonder how I’m supporting those in need – those who lack food, shelter and community. Though Ryan thoughtfully helps me to realize that we’re supporting the farmers, the grape pickers, and the family owned wineries with each article we write, every event we host, and with the sweat and tears we’ve dedicated to the peninsula, the results just aren’t tangible. I want to see, touch and feel the effect we’ve had, if any? Unlike a nurse who can watch their patient regain their vital signs, flush with color and speak encouraging words of healing, our impact is seen far down the line.

Fortunately, there are wineries who are providing a stellar example of tangible ways we can see the results of our generosity.

Launched in Christmas of 2008, the project has ran a successful 2 years and will now take another form this month. To select which organizations will benefit from the project in the 2010-2011 edition, Cavas Berdié, together with the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteers (FCVS), will start a contest among all member institutions of the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteer. In this contest, the member institutions may submit a project related to one of the following areas of social intervention: health, children, immigration, poverty or disabled. And the winners, selected by the Jovani family, will be associated to one of Cavas Berdié’s bottles. The five winning projects are the projects benefiting from the initiative until the next edition of the competition.

Just as in the present edition, the profits from the sixth Cava in a 6 case box, will be allocated to self-finance the project “5 cellars, 5 solidarity projects” to secure its future.

“When the idea came up, (Newman’s Own) I said, “Are you crazy? Stick my face on the label of salad dressing?” And then, of course, we got the whole idea of exploitation and how circular it is. Why not, really, go to the fullest length, and the silliest length, in exploiting yourself and turn the proceeds back to the community? “- Paul Newman

To give back takes a considerable amount of selflessness and determination, and as much as I’m thoroughly impressed with their efforts, I truly hope that Cavas Berdié will seriously think about opening the final decision as to which organization should win to the public. Make this project a truly international project. As they have a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and a blog, why not crowd source the final decision, allowing the world to participate in such a noble effort.

Let us know your thoughts! How do you think Cavas Berdié can use social media to further this project? Are you familiar with a philanthropic winery striving to promote humanitarian activities?



Check out the projects they are funding!

ECOLOGICAL Project: Terra Foundation

Proceeds given from Cava Berdié Brut Nature

Terra Foundation is an NGO established in Barcelona, Spain. We stimulate environmental culture throught a perspective change. Terra Foundation has the main aim to promote initiatives that favor a greater society responsibility in the environmental subjects. Terra Foundation works under the spirit of “small changes are powerful”.

HUMANITARIAN Project: Africa Digna Foundation

Proceeds given from: Cava Berdié Brut Rupestre

Africa Digna Foundation was established in 2004 by the Government of Catalunya to not only help introduce the needs of Sub-Sahara Africa to the Spanish people, but also to help people with minimal resources who live in Sub Saharan Africa improve their health and education.

CULTURE Project: La Casa Amarilla

Proceeds given from: Cava Berdié Brut Rosé

Cava Berdie is recuperating the Avenue Theater in Argentina with the combined efforts of both Catalunya and Latina America.

THIRD WORLD Project: Intermon OXFAM

Proceeds given from: Cava Berdié Reserva Brut Nature

Supporting people who were expelled from their homes in Sudan during the excruciating 21 year war, Cava Berdie is helping to both reconstruct and build houses for families.


ELDERLY Project: Friends of the Elderly

Proceeds given from: Cava Berdié Gran Reserva Brut Nature

Cava Berdie is fighting against the deep loneliness elderly people suffer when they lack adequate community.

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