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Holiday Dessert Wines

CabralesWith the holidays here, and time seemingly short, I thought I would rely on some old tasting notes. It’s pretty crazy around here, but I wanted to share with you one of my favorite holiday treats. It’s a classic, and not really a surprise, but this year I’ll give it a Spanish spin.

After a big meal, presents and relative overload, Gabriella and I love to cap off the night with a sweet wine. Be it Sauternes, Port or otherwise, nothing beats the delicious sweetness to wind down and relax a bit. To nibble with the wine, we always turn to blue cheese. One of my favorite combinations in the world is sweet wine and spicy cheese!

Above is a pic of one of my favorite Blue cheese’s Cabrales, from the north of Spain. It’s made and aged in the caves of the Picos de Europa and before I left the States, I found that it was becoming more widely available. Stronger and more spicy than say a Roquefort, its salty/sweet nature pairs well with some of the richer dessert wines- ideally, Port, Pedro Ximenez, or possibly a richer Sauternes.

Below, I’ve posted some of my favorite “Stickies”, as we call them, from the past year. Many are widely available outside of Spain and Portugal, so I hope you have a chance to check them out, maybe with a little slice of Cabrales!

Till soon, Ryan Opaz




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