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Hometown Wine News

So I found these articles online today. Evidently, my local independent newspaper (City Pages) from my home turf, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has taken to promoting Spanish wine.

Volume 26 – Issue 1297 – Cover Story – October 12, 2005
Wine Party: Spanish Reds
How old is Spanish wine making? It’s so old that when someone told it to act its age, it died. Well, that’s something that could have been said about Spanish wine 20 years ago, when Europe’s oldest grape-growing area (since around 4000 B.C.) was making wines the same way it had for centuries–strong and oaky. (Spanish wine is even mocked in Chaucer’s Tales for being strong.) Nowadays though, huge infusions of European capital, and the accompanying vast quantities of modern technology, have reinvigorated Spanish wine, and the shelves in every local wine shop are groaning with countless Spanish options….Click here to read more of this article on Spanish wines.

I’m mainly posting the article because it’s from hometown and you always need to check in every now and then, otherwise it would have fallen under ‘latest wine news” in the upper right hand area of this blog. However, since (someone for whom I never knew or met but followed avidly) Dara Moskowitz wrote it and the article does provide some good news/advice, I thought, what the heck. Interestly, the grape “Bobal” was mentioned in the article and I have recently been trying to get a interview with a leading producer of this exact grape here in Spain. Hopefully, I will be able to report more about this grape to you in the near future! It’s great to know that people back home can have a chance to try an example of this interesting grape when I do.

Unfortunately, bobal lives under the radar. It doesn’t even get a peripheral mention in most of my wine reference books, and when you do see it, it will tend to be a blending grape from the big-production, hot-agriculture regions of southeastern Spain, including the Alicante and Utiel-Requena. Its predominant characteristics are that its dark, really dark, as in hard to see through without a flashlight–cherry-round and kind of smoky…Click here for more about interesting Spanish grapes.

I guess Spanish wine is starting to make the splash everyone seems to be waiting for. Thanks to people like Dara, and other writers of local newspapers, maybe people will be tempted to dive into this exciting new world of wine.

Till soon, Ryan Opaz
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