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How Time and a Little Perseverance Can Lead to Cheap and Successful Wine Education

Last night, we had a rare opportunity to pour 9 very unique Spanish wines all made from the Bobal grape for approximately 80 people. The wines were: Bodegas Finca Ardal Ocho Cuerdas 2005, Pagos del Molino Fusión de Bobal 2005, Pagos del Molino Arras de Bobal 2004, Finca Sandoval Signo 2007, Bodegas Vereda Real Bobalia Roble 2005, Bodegas Vera de Estenas Casa Don Angel 2005, Pago de Tharsys Unico (100% Bobal Sparkling wine), Pago de Tharsys Bobal 2005

Mind you, this event was completely organized through social media in order to bring awareness to a grape that was traditionally considered impossible to drink. But over time, Bobal’s bull head shape historically only attractive farmers who saw its inner beauty, eventually grabbed the attention of eager winemakers interested in elaborating it into the swan it truly is.

Today, as a result of Zev Robinson’s documentary on Bobal, both national and international wine aficionados are taking a second glance at this rustic grape.

“It’s odd”, said one inquisitive Bobal taster “as a Sommelier I’ve obviously heard of this grape, but it’s not very often that I have the opportunity to try it. And in all honesty, I’m surprised that I enjoy its bold and inky fruit characteristics as much as I do.”

Another power taster suggested that the grape imparts an earthiness that truly speaks of its terrior, “Where are you going to find a wine that tastes anything like this? Even in a cupage you can still distinctly pick out its dirty dark fruit flavor. Pair this with rabbit or veal and you’ve got a fantastic combination.  I’m really surprised!”

In short, the event was a wild success, if only to help spread the awareness about a grape located in the backyard of residents in Barcelona.

The question being, can we get more wineries or regions to work together to create a similar campaign for their native grapes? And will wineries buckle down and use social media as a cheap and effective way to educate their consumers about their wines?

BONUS! By leaving a comment below of a Bobal you had, or a Bobal you want to have, you are automatically entered to a drawing to receive a free signed copy of Zev’s documentary. So make sure to tell us about your Bobal experience!


Gabriella and Ryan Opaz

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