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I gots a Code…UGH

So I’m sick! Stuffed node, achy hed, and general irritablness. Oh and my wife is recovering, so the great little article she had to post after a long hiatus, is still waiting for a final edit. So thanks to the internet I’m going to let someone else do my tasting for me. In fact it’s also of a favorite Spanish wine of mine: Hécula – Bodegas Castano – 2003 is reviewed by Jack at, well, I’m not sure the name of the blog to tell you the truth. It seems to be a sub-domain of Idiots at the wheel. Anyways nice tasting note on the 2003, I’ll need to check it out meanwhile here are my notes (from a time without cold) on the 2002:

  • 2002 Castaño Yecla Hécula – Spain, Murcia, Yecla (9/20/2005)
    Deep purple with thick legs. Blackberry, black cherry and black pepper all show on the nose which happens to be quite big. Sneaking in on the back end of the nose is a light minerality. Rich in the mouth with strong tannins and high acid. Almost too much. The flavors of the nose follow through though I think this wine could still use to calm down a bit.

    3 grape
  • 2002 Castaño Yecla Hécula – Spain, Murcia, Yecla (3/16/2005)
    Did not rate. Opened for dinner and it was shut down. Almost nothing but strong tannins. Double decanted and let sit. I ended up drinking it two days later when the fruit decided to show up. Nice wine but I think it needs some time to calm down.

    3 grape

Hopefully this cold thing is short lived. I have tastings coming up and I need my nose. In fact for those of you who want to learn a bit about how it is that we taste the things we do in wine, check out the great site put together by the sommelier: [Mikel Garaizabal->http://www.catarvino.com/english.html] . Cool graphics and good information, that hopefully will help explain why I can’t taste anything right now!

UGH…Oh well, I’ll be back soon with some good stuff. In the mean time keep working on the Broadbent Quiz, I haven’t relieved any entries yet! But that doesn’t mean someone out there isn’t working on it. Good luck!

Till soon, Ryan Opaz