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Having been over a month since we’ve provided you a comprehensive list of fun links to check out, we thought the time had finally come send your mouse a clickin’. Additionally, as we’re preparing for a mega grill out tomorrow afternoon among friends, each bringing their own item for the coals, to be honest, our minds are elsewhere. We’ve already left planet Catavino to consider whether we have enough glassware for a dozen people eager to drink wines from Rioja, and if we have enough bbq fixings to keep our birthday boy, Ryan, happy. So with that, I’ll leave you to our news of the day!

Are Woman Wine Bloggers Getting Their Just Desserts?
Recently, there have been several conversations floating around the web on whether women are truly being respected for their work in the wine world. There are female wine writers such as Jancis Robinson and Natalie Maclean; female bloggers such as Jill from Domaine 547 and Carol B from Pour More; and female winemakers like Marimar Torres from Marimar Estate in California or Martinez Sierra of Bodegas Montecillo in La Rioja, just to name a few, but some wine bloggers have voiced that women are not getting the attention, nor the positive reputation they rightfully deserve. My question being, are we as woman going to focus on numbers as the telltale sign of oppression, or is it more productive for us to focus on our work, whereby influencing other women to join in and do the same? Check out Dr Debs article on woman in print, Richard’s homage to female wine bloggers, Jancis Robinson‘s article on All Woman Wine Competition, and the OWC’s article on page 9 on women in the wine world, and then let us know your thoughts. Do you think women have a smaller voice than men in the wine world, and if so, is it discrimination or just a lack of enough women?

Vote For Catavino!
Did I say that loud enough? Did you actually hear my voice through the screen with my bull horn? No? Okay, I’ll try again…ehmmmm…..VOTE FOR CATAVINO TODAY!! There, now I think you heard me 😉 Catavino has been nominated as on Tom Wark’s site, Fermentations, in The American Blog Awards as one of the Best Single Subject wine blogs. Ryan and I support Tom’s efforts to create the very first wine blog award. The first to start any new project is also the first to get the most criticism, but without Tom’s willingness to develop an award’s system, we have nothing to build from. So with that, we say thanks, and remind our readers that we still need your votes. TODAY is the last day to share you love of Catavino. So please, click over to Fermentations to vote for all the well deserving blogs worthy of your attention. More importantly, we need you to vote period. Please take some time to browse through all the great blogs that are up for awards. You may find some new reading material!

When to Start the Conversation about Wine with Children?

A Day of Learning

Eric Asimov from the NY Times recently wrote an article on whether children should be exposed to wine before the age of 21. Quoting Dr. Paul Steinberg, a psychiatrist in Washington, “The best evidence shows that teaching kids to drink responsibly is better than shutting them off entirely from it. You want to introduce your kids to it, and get across the point that that this is to be enjoyed but not abused.” After detailing several studies to back up this same point, Eric summarizes his article by stating, “Although the issue is not settled in my household, my cautious opinion now is that my teenage sons have more to gain than to lose by having a taste of wine now and then with dinner. By taste, I mean just that: a couple of sips, perhaps, not a full glass, and decidedly not for any of their friends, whose own parents must make their own decisions.”

As many of you have heard me say in the past, if parents can carefully and thoughtfully expose their children to wine, the less likely they are to abuse it in the future. The same theory holds true for sex, drugs, work, sleep, etc., conversation and education are the best ways to give both balance and guidance to a human being, while silence, avoidance and fear will surely backlash, giving a disproportional amount of power to the subject. Coming from an alcoholic family myself, what troubles me is that although I walked away relatively unscathed by the viscous disease, there are plenty of children who haven’t. As wine advocates, educators and leaders, what can we do to not only aid those who are interested in learning more about wine, but also those who are prone to abuse it?

2008 Bacchus de Oro
The 8th edition of the Bucchus de Oro, organized by the Union of Spanish Wine Tasters (UEC) and sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Feeding and the International Association of Oenologists, took place on the 14th through the 18th of March in Madrid. This competition was opened to any producer and any style of wine, regardless if it falls under a denomination of origin or not. To see the results of the competition, you can take a peak at the Bacchus website.

Streaming Live with Tim from Winecast and Jeff Lefevere of Good Grape


If we can help jog your memory a bit, we actually participated in a show with Tim from Winecast.net last year, chatting about the wine blogging industry as a whole and what might come of it in the future. Fortunately, he’s invited us back, and this Sunday you can join in too! We will be streaming live with Tim and Jeff this Sunday at 4:00 pm EDT
through Talkshoe. If you don’t know what Talkshoe is, it’s a new way to broadcast live online, allowing you to participate in the conversation. If you’re in the US, call: +1 (724) 444-7444 using the Call ID: 16856 to ask us a question, or you can listen live at Talkshoe. Hope to see you there!

Enjoy your Friday!


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