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Iberian Links Around the Web – EWBC, Peñín, Bierzo, and Portuguese wine!

Today, we are taking a little sidetrack from our deep and profound posts to give you something a little lighter, fresher and immediate. The majority of this post will refer to some amazing trip bloggers are taking through Iberia, and others will pertain to either events or discussions worthy of your attention. So without further adieu, let’s begin:

Tinto y Blanco Take on Bierzo, Spain

For those of you who are not familiar with Dave Worthington, get to know him! He is by far one of my favorite writers on Spanish wine from the rather unsuspecting location of Mebourne, Australia. For years, he’s graced us with his straightforward, yet prolific, verses on Spanish wines, regions, styles and grapes, through his annual trips to Spain and store bought wines. Currently, he’s trekking through Spain, with a fabulous write-up on Bierzo. Take a moment to not only read up on his take of Bierzo and its emblematic grapes of Mencia and Godello, but if you feel so inclined, catch our take on Bierzo and the surrounding regions from my trip with the Circle of Wine Writers.

Reign of Terroir Takes a Peek Inside a Portuguese Cooperative

Last year, Ken Payton, author of “Reign of Terroir” joined us at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon and became mildly addicted to Portugal. Okay, let’s be honest, he’s gone overboard – hook, line and sinker. Adoration, respect, passion and curiosity doesn’t even begin to summarize his feelings towards this amazing wine country. Consequently, his write-ups on his experiences have been numerous and profound. The most recent pertains to 3rd installment of an interview he did with the enologist, Francisco Figueiredo, of the Colares Cooperative. What’s intriguing to me, is rather than cover a series of wineries on his tour, he’s chosen to dive directly into one winery, sucking the marrow from the history of its origins to its current winemaking techniques. It’s worth looking at, especially considering Ken is in Portugal as we speak putting together a film on Portuguse wine. It will be exciting to see what he draws from his experience.

In Portugal “Food is an Event, Not a Means to an End”

This was one of many quotes I appreciated in Sonador’s wrap-up on her trip to Portugal. Brought over as a wine blogger by the Portuguese company, Enoforum, to help spread the good word about Portuguese wine, she has produced 10 articles summarizing her experience. From photos to tasting notes, it’s been fun to follow her route. And like Ken, her most recent post covers her tour of Carmin, a Coopertive winery in the Alentejo, where Sonadora provides her feedback on 10 of their wines. You can follow her entire lineup of her Portuguese series here.

Curious Wines Dedicates February to Spain

For those of you outside Ireland, you may not be familiar with Curious Wines. Curious Wines is a specialist mixed case wine merchant for those of us living inside the lush, green country of Ireland. However, they also have a fun little wine blog worthy of the rest of the world’s attention, which is currently dedicating itself to Spain. You can get the lowdown on the regions of Rioja, Rueda or Castilla y Leon or simply catch up on their video tasting notes on Spanish wines. Definitely a good spot to keep parked this month.

Jose Penin’s Spanish Magazine, Sibaritas, Goes Under

With debates inciting across the internet regarding the future of print, and more specifically, the wine column, it’s of no surprise that Sibaritas has gone to print heaven. And though Penin was warned on several occasions to jump on the bandwagon in order to survive, he chose to gracefully close his doors in lieu of following the herd. ‘New technology, reader trends and ways of communicating about wine have pushed us to explore the Internet as an option,’ Peñin added. Though not surprised, we’re sure Penin will find a way to keep his wine career live and well.

An Innovative Concept with Cork

Portugal is the heart and soul of cork, and without their ancient forests, many of us wouldn’t enjoy that fabulous popping sound coming out of our wines. Recently, the online tech website, Engadget, published an article on a computer mouse that relies on “piezoelectric elements to generate energy every time you click or move it around on your desk.” This translates to a 100% sustainable gadget that only needs a Iberian glass of wine to be paired with your computer experience!

European Wine Blogger’s Conference 2010 is Announced!

As many of you are aware, Ryan and I are co-founders of the EWBC, along with our dear friend, Robert McIntosh of The Wine Conversation. Created as a means to unite wine bloggers internationally and discuss the convergence of wine and the web, we’ve just announced our 2010 location in Vienna, Austria on October 22-24. Mind you, this is a big leap for all of us, as we consider ourselves “residential experts” on Iberia, and leaving our little peninsula is a big leap for us. However, being that we’re in our third year with an amazing and supportive community, not to mention the support of Austrian Wine Marketing Board, we couldn’t be more excited! To read up on the details, just pop over to the EWBC website.

Gabriella Opaz
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