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Iberian Wine Harvest 2011 – A random assortment of challenges

This year, we’ve heard a wide range of harvest stories from across the peninsula: earlier than normal harvests, some later than normal, while others are reporting red grapes being picked before the white grapes – a highly unusual event. Consequently, we’re absolutely clueless as to how the 2011 vintage will end up.

Not that we are very worried. We’re firm believers that vintage generally doesn’t matter, and we’re not alone on this. Granted, there are a handful of wine geeks out there that will contest this belief; but winemaking nowadays can take any grape and turn it into a decent wine. Now, while it may not be the same wine as last year, it’s still good, drinkable wine.

That said, we put out a call to winemakers to tell us their stories as to how the 2011 vintage was coming along; what the wines are like; and what to expect. So far, we’ve received some great responses and wholly expect to get several more. If you’re a wine maker, please take some time to fill out this Iberian wine harvest report, and let us know how it’s going for you. We’ll publish the best responses in the coming week.

On the other hand, if you’re not a wine maker, we still want to hear from you too! What are you drinking right now? With the leaves beginning to turn and the weather cooling off, are you changing your drinking choices? Tell us in the comments below!