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Iberian Wine News Around the Web

Iberian wine news

Normally, for this post, we sift through the news during the week, intently looking for interesting tidbits to share with you, but this week panned out a bit differently than I anticipated. Rather than find juicy information on importing laws or market trends, I instead, found several suggestions from other sites on what Spanish wines are worth checking out.

Consequently, I’ve compiled a list of Iberian wines tasted this week across web along with a short excerpt of their thoughts:

2002 Bodegas Baigorri Reserva and 2002 Marqués de Riscal Reserva (Blame it on Rioja):
Originally posted in Decanter UK, John Radford gave big points to both the Bodegas Baigorri and Marques de Riscal Reservas at a recent blind tasting of 2002 Rioja Reserves, “There were no really great, head-bangingly, mind-bogglingly fantastic wines, like there would have been if this had been 2001, 2004, or 2005, but overall the quality and value for money are still there – as well as the harmony you look for in Rioja.”

2006 Blanc de Blancs, Macià Batle, DO Binissalem-Mallorca (De Vinis Cibisqve):
Having spent the evening dining at a quaint little Mallorcan restaurant called, Casa Manolo, our local food and wine afficianado, J. Gomez Pallares, not only shares his love/frustration with the restaurant for their wonderful, yet pricey, cuisine, but also his adoration of the 2006 Blanc de Blancs from the century old Bodega, Macià Batle. Showing brilliant green with hints of green apple, moscatel and ripe pear, at 11 Euros, he felt it was a wonderful wine for the value.

Pago Florentino 2002, Bodegas y Viñedos La Solana, Malagón, Ciudad Real (Iberians on Wine):

Jose m. de Areilza recently came back to Spain from Washington DC with a handful of Spanish wines to taste (hmmm..shouldn’t that be the other way around?), finding one bottle in particular worth the long risky trip over the big pond in his checked-in luggage. He says, “…a superb wine and also a great buy, at around 13 euros per bottle. It has a strong flavor of blackcurrant and other fruits and a very long and pleasant finish.”

Canforrales, Nuestra Señora del Rosario, SCL Cooperative, La Mancha D.O (The Full Bottle):
Juan Gali reports back from a dinner where he stumbled upon a fantastic discovery, Canforrales, “It’s fruity and well balanced, but what surprised me the most, was its lenght, depth and personality. It was delicious and nothing that I can compare it to. Not as complicated as the burgundies, nor as heavy as the priorats. It’s just a happy, easy-drinker wine. And it’s the price of 3€ that stays in my head…”

But I can’t leave you with only Spanish Wines, can I? Wouldn’t that defeat my entire goal to honor our mission statement of including more Portuguese wines! Here are a few extra goodies you can keep your eyes peeled for:

2005 Quinta do Vallado (Tinto y Blanco):

Dave Worthington does a great write up on this Douro Red, “a great douro nose of Sarsaparilla, clove, violets, earth, old fireplace and blackberry. Savoury and textured in the mouth, well balanced and easy to drink. After that great nose the palate is a bit lacking, not bad just flat. A bit of sars, smoke, pepper, red cherry and plums. If the palate lived up to the nose, this would scoring something in the low 90s, but its worth a look regardless.”

2004 Periquita Reserva, José Maria da Fonseca, Vinho Regional Terras do Sado (Catavino):
We recently tried and completely fell in love with this wine. Here’s Ryan’s take on it, “Blueberries(tons!) and craisens with a ton of fresh picked mint and as it opens violet notes that blend with the blueberries in a slow dance.(Interesting side note, using a homemade Le Nez du Vin, we found that Hawthorn berry, a flavor foreign to most of us, was a distinct quality in this wine). In some ways reminds me of my moms rhubarb/strawberry sauce! Oh lush in the mouth with a soft gentle mouth feel and lots of nice soft tannins. Round and complete with a med to short finish that is not a disappointment, though a touch more body might be nice. Blueberry, cranberry, strawberry with some light herbal notes. An elegant wine with a simple solitude and calm. 4/5 This wine just kept getting better all night long. Really a juicy, fun wine!”

2006 Camélia , Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Landim, Vinho Verde (Catavino):
This wine was phenomenal! Absolutely fantastic, and worth getting on the horn with your distributor! I’ve included Ryan’s notes on the wine, and if you’re interested in more information about the wine check out our article: “Very clear light colored wine. This I have to say is truly a FUN white and something to seek out. The nose morphs and changes with time, starting with honey suckle, candied apricot and dried hay then moving into coriander, white peach and flowers! In the mouth it has a nice med acidity with fresh dry mouthfeel. Flavors are insane and constantly evolving, Ripe pear, flowers, moscatel like grape aromas followed by soft melon notes, and rose petals. Fun wine to drink and one to seek out! 4/5”

Quick Reminders!
Wine Blog Wednesday #37 is coming up quick. On September 12th, this coming Wednesday, you need to find a wine made from an indigenous grape! So before the weekend stealthy slips into the work week, preventing you from picking up the wine and sharing your adventures with us,
get out there a get a bottle of vino!

Also, for anyone who’s interested in Wine Blogging, I highly suggest you take a peek at Tom’s article “My Sense of Wine Blogging”. We found it to be extremely thought provoking!


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