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Iberian Wine News from Around the Web

Iberian Wines News From Around the Web

London International Wine Tasting

From May 22 through the 24, 90 Spanish wineries representing different appellations throughout Spain were represented at the London International Wine & Spirits Fair at the Excel International Exhibition Centre. Some of the regions showcased include: Madrid, La Rioja, Badajoz, Álava, Barcelona, Cádiz, Albacete, La Coruña, Lérida, Saragossa, Murcia, Pontevedra, Ciudad Real, Guipúzcoa, Biscay, Toledo and the Canary Islands. The fair hosted a total 1,250 exhibitors, of which half were from the New World, alongside 14,000 visitors and wine professionals some of which who traveled from across the globe for this event.

Increasing Spain’s Presence in China

In an effort to learn more about the Spanish agro-food industry, a delegation of eight Chinese journalists from several different publications visited La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha and Comunidad Valencia. The visit was primarily sponsored by the Spanish Agro-Food Plan for China in hopes of educating China about Spain, more specifically their winemaking, by having their journalists travel throughout the country over the next three years. My sense is that Spain wants to get on the bandwagon now while China’s internal growth rate stays at 10 percent. If they can get their hand on the market now, it is inevitable that they will see their wine export sales increase exponentially.

An Antioxidant Found in Red Wine, Kills Cancer Cells in an Experiment

I seem to like any article that supports the health and happiness of people drinking wine, so here is yet another experiment, published in Wine Spectator, to back up my theory that wine is one of the greatest substances on the planet…well, good wine is at least.

Evidently, according to research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, a chemical that creates the red pigment in grape skins has been discovered to only kill leukemia and lymphoma cells cultured in a lab and NOT the healthy blood cells. This is big news because, “Current treatments for leukemia, such as chemotherapy and radiation, often damage healthy cells and tissues and can produce unwanted side effects for many years afterward,” said coauthor Dr. Xiao-Ming Yin, an associate professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. “So, there is an intensive search for more targeted therapies for leukemia worldwide.”

This is great news for anyone who has gone through the painful process of radiation or chemo. We can only hope that if they can reproduce the anticancer effects in animal studies, they can potentially also treat individuals with leukemias and lymphomas as well.