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Iberian Wine News from Around the Web

Iberian Wines News From Around the Web

2007 New Wave Spanish Wine Awards
As you know, Ryan and I aren’t enormous fans of wine competitions, as a result of wineries needing to pay to get their wines into the competition instead of merit, but we think it would a disservice to you if we didn’t give you the opportunity to see the results posted on Spittoon. For the third year running, the New Wave Spanish Wine Awards are finally out! 106 wines were listed after two days of studying, tasting and reviewing 700 different and unique Spanish wines. Let us know if you’ve tried the wines and you thoughts regarding their quality.

Spanish Wine Exports Continue to Grow in 2007
According to the blog, Tempranillo, in the first trimester alone, Spanish wine exports have almost doubled in both value (+12.5%) and volume (+12.6%). Plus, the US is currently one of the highest importers of Spanish wine spending 39 million euros on DO wines and 10 million euros on cava.

Bordering on Practicality, while Kicking Romance to the Curb
According to Howard Goldberg at Decanter, Americans are perplexed as to what the future of their Friday night couples dinner complete with a bottle of wine will look like. Rather than experiencing the slow “elegant” twist, turn and pop of the cork, commencing the traditional art of wooing your mate, you may only hear silence. The Nielsen Company found that supermarkets who offered at least one screwcap brand almost doubled from 120 to 214 in just nine months. Considering we live in Catalunia, where screwcaps are forbidden, we’ll be curious to see how the American wine drinking public embraces screwcaps over the next few years. We can only hope Catalunia will see the light for marketing purposes alone and begin offering screwcaps for their wines.

Washington State Weekly Speaks of the Value for Quality Spanish Wines
This article has been published at a unique time when we look ahead at Lenndevor’s Wine Blog Wednesday’s theme on Value-Priced Spanish Wines. According to Maggie Dutton, the author of her recent article in the Weekly called, “Spanish Wine: Cheap and Blingin’ says,” Spain has been synonymous with “value’ to U.S. consumers for years”. As much as we at Catavino support value for dollar, like Jim Cary being typecasted as the funny guy before his dramatic blockbuster hit, “The Truman Show”, Spanish wines are in a precarious position of being seen only for their value and not for their high end quality. This is a very serious issue and one that I can only hope the American market will not get baited into.

Spain Intends to Take Over the World by 2010 *insert dramatic music here
Yes, it is true, “Wine Strategy 2010′ is the project founded by Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) with the intend to become a world leader in the wine market by increasing competitiveness, professionalism, marketing, promotion and development of anything and everything related to Spanish wine both nationally and internationally. The project also intends on improving bottle designs, formats (I assume this is label related) and tasting profiles (again, back label descriptors), in addition to beefing up the ability to find wine by the glass in hotels and restaurants. Personally, now this is just me speaking, regardless of the amount of Spanish wine they offer by the glass, this will not make one ounce of difference if their customer service standards don’t improved. If I’m a tourist, and I need to know more about the wine list, and the server can’t speak to me in my language, doesn’t know anything about wine, or merely can’t muster up a smile or hello, I guarantee you, your Spanish wine sales in the service industry will not increase. If Spain truly wants to see an increase, start with communication with a smile!

One last thing, VINUM CALLIPOLE 2007 is this weekend at Claustros do Convento dos Capuchos, in Vila Viçosa, Portugal, which means that these Portuguese wine producers: Herdade das Servas, Ervideira, Cortes de Cima, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, Herdade do Portocarro, Alves de Sousa, Azamor Wines, Adega Cooperativa de Borba, Vinhos Dona Berta, Álvaro de Castro, Bago de Touriga, Quinta da Lagoalva, Vinhos Dona Maria, Comenda Grande e Herdade de São Miguel, and a bunch of bloggers are going to taste a lot of wine together. Why aren’t we there, you ask? In all honesty, we tried to get involved with it earlier in the year, but never heard back from the organizer. Although we wish we could’ve covered the story, we hope it’s a big success and that future “blogger get togethers” spawn out of it. Here’s the important stuff to know if you want to go:
When: 7 Julho | 16h – 20h00
Where:Claustros do Convento dos Capuchos Vila Viçosa
How Much: 5 €
Phone: 967 344 226
Email: [email protected] (Reservations)
Web: www.copod3.blogspot.com

So there you have it, another week is in the can!


  • RichardA

    First, the Sherry I will be drinking this month, the Bodegas Hidalgo Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana Single Vineyard tied for Best Sherry at the New Wave awards. Second, two of the links in the New Wave paragraph seem to be wrong. One leads to a book on French wines.

  • First, the Sherry I will be drinking this month, the Bodegas Hidalgo Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana Single Vineyard tied for Best Sherry at the New Wave awards.

    Second, two of the links in the New Wave paragraph seem to be wrong. One leads to a book on French wines.