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Iberian Wine Wiki – Well Sort of (project closed)


According to Dictionary.com a Wiki is defined as:

A collaborative website whose content can be edited by anyone who has access to it.

Catavino.net’s definition of the Iberian Wine Wiki is as such:

A repository for our research into the grape varietals and regions of Spain and Portugal.

The main difference between both definitions is the lack of the word “collaborative” in ours. Currently we are choosing to keep this new Iberian Wine Wiki as a Catavino project, using the indexing behavior of Dokuwiki software to help us layout the information. We also want information to be accessible to anyone who wants to look at it. Now, we’re obviously no island unto ourselves, and we are very interested in people helping us to expand our Wiki, but for now, people with an interest must be approved and then invited to join. So please, if you’re interested and want to help out, do send us a note.

This idea originally stemmed from an issue we had a few weeks ago while writing up a summary of Spanish and Portuguese wines for a few external wine sites. As we were researching the exact number of grapes for each country, we came up with vastly different numbers. This wouldn’t matter much if there was only a small difference in numbers, but we’re talking differences for example of one site stating 300 and another stating 600 indigenous grapes in Portugal. As much as we are sympathetic that these varietals can be difficult to track down, categorize and sort out, to know which is a new varietal versus an alias, we feel this is basic information that we should attempt to put together in some coherent way. Consequently, we thought that we might as well help to provide the fundamental building blocks to anyone that wants to learn more about Spanish and Portuguese wines; hence the wiki.
Catavino’s Goals

  1. Document all grape varieties used to make wine in Iberia, including in their profiles: photos, history and flavor profiles
  2. Document and map each wine region, including: photo, map, history, and wine laws
  3. Document “lost” wines defined as: wines either in low production or that may be completely forgotten. We hope by cataloging and researching these wines, they will hopefully not be forgotten
  4. Finally we’ll be adding vocab with audio as we realize a need. A place to decipher Spanish and Portuguese wine labels.
Grapes at Porrera 2

We consider this a long term project that will take years to build and create, and will continue to grow the more we explore. As of now while we’re simply filling in the database with names, so that we can see what needs to be added. From time to time, you’ll now see links in our articles that take you over to the wiki, this will help us so that we don’t have to constantly redefine vocabulary in every article we write. And although we will be covering every grape grown in Iberia, we will obviously place more effort into the indigenous grapes of Spain and Portugal. Grapes such as Chardonnay and Merlot, will have a link to more complete information on other sites, while on our wiki, we will provide the basic information on regions where you can find them in Iberia and the characteristics of wines made from them. Native Iberian grapes, such as Tempranillo, will have a complete biography and history along with pictures as we start to collect them.

This coming month we’ll be covering the wines of Rioja, and so expect to see the pages for Granacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Viura, La Rioja, and some fun new terms. As continue to commit our time and attention to one region, we’ll add to these pages as we go along, but will also need to know of things that should be included. Are their any words that we need to define? Let us know, and we’ll add them in.

If you think you have something you can contribute we’d love to hear from you. We are offering all collaborators links/logos at the bottom of the home page, as well as a special thank you post on Catavino to show our appreciation. If you want to be a part please contact us here.


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