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Iberian Wines News From Around the Web

Worldwide Tasting!
Get this, Joan Gómez Pallarès, founder of De Vinis.blogspot.com, has decided to conduct an international virtual tasting. Influenced by Wine Blog Wednesday, he’s decided to extend this incredible idea across cultural and physical boundaries to include anyone who has a vested interest in participating. Here are the rules he’s laid out for us:

  1. Anyone can participate from any part of the world, sharing their experience in whatever language they see fit.
  2. De Vinis will begin the Worldwide Tasting, but the following months are available for any blog that is willing to host the event.
  3. The first tasting will begin on Friday, June 1, 2007 Barcelona time.
  4. All notes will be published by Joan on De Vinis.
  5. No bottle may exceed 15 Euros.
  6. The first tasting will be of a characteristic monovarietal red grape from the area in which the blogger is writing from. The example he gives, and one that we could equally give, is that because he lives in Barcelona, he could write about Garnacha from the Priorat; whereas if you live in California, you may want to write about Pinot Noir.

Spanish Winery Blogs
Other than the one we helped create, we were unaware of any other Spanish winery blogs until now. So allow us to give our hearty congratulations to
De Brujas y Vino and Bodegas Castro Martin. After starting The Wine Blog Atlas a few months ago without a Spanish winery blog in site, it is great to see two Spanish wineries step out of Spain’s inability to use modern technology to their advantage. Congrats!

Gary Vaynerchuk Does Rioja
Wine Library TV, recently did a segment on Rioja (Episode 239). If you’ve never seen Gary, he’s worth checking out both because of his style, which is sort of manic and entertaining at the same time, and because he’s knows what he’s talking about. Here is a list of the wines he covered in the episode:

  1. 1981 Lopez De Heredia Tondonia Blanco Rioja Gran Reserva
  2. Bodegas Montecillo Rioja Red
  3. 2001 Rioja Vega Reserva
  4. 2003 Torre Muga Rioja

Pink Elephant Rosé, 2006, Estremadura, Portugal
Continuing our April Virtual Wine Tasting Theme, we so wish we could have been the ones to introduce you to a wine with such a great name! Alas, we didn’t, but we fully intend on searching this out in the coming months as the temperatures begin to soar here in Spain!

Torres rates number 15 in ‘The Power 100’
Intangible Business, the world’s largest independent brand valuation consultancy, recently rated Bodega Miguel Torres as the only European winemaker to rank in the world’s most powerful brands in the wine business. Brands which are included in the Power 100 are evaluated on their market share, brand growth, price and influence, alongside more intangible criteria such as brand awareness and perception. The ranking covers the entire beverage market, from leading companies to their individual brands, in different market segments.