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Iberian Wines News From Around the Web

Atlas del Vino Español
Our side project, and eventual Spanish wine resource, has launched officially in Beta. At FENAVIN last week, we saw a lot of interest for the project and now it’s on us to rally that interest into something bigger. In time, the Atlas del Vino Español will be a visual resource for importers, distributors, customers, and travelers to explore the world of Spanish wines. Who knows, maybe someone out there wants to help us develop the Portuguese Wine Atlas?

Additionally, we have been posting some of the interviews on Catavino we have done with Spanish wine experts, while posting on Atlasdelvinoespanol.com/blog interviews with some of the people we met at the show. Due to the international nature of the event, we even have interviews in Spanish, English and Dutch! Here are a few of the highlights in English.

Spittoon in Castilla y Leon

In the heart of Ribera del Duero, Andy from Spittoon was recently a judge at the Zarcillo awards in Peñafiel. Fortunately, during his stay, he had an opportunity to get out into the vineyards to take some beautiful pictures of both the Bierzo and Cigales wine regions for which he displays for us in two posts. They’re great photos and worth you experiencing.

Paul Gregutt shows us his Spanish wine stars

In all honesty I don’t know Paul Gregutt, but I ran into this post his on Spanish Wines the other day. After looking at his site, I noticed that although he is an expert on Washington wines, his article provides a nice write up on some Spanish wines that are available in the US market.

Portuguese Wine Spa

The Fladgate Partnership, owners of the port houses Taylors, Fonseca, Croft and Delaforce is going to open a luxury hotel and wine spa. The Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto, will open in 2009. It will have 84 rooms and will be built into the steep slopes of Gaia, where port has been stored and aged for centuries.

It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Oporto, and while I hope we make it back soon, I think I’ll have to add 2009 to my calendar as a definite time to visit!

There you go, a little Portuguese wine news mixed in with a lot of Spanish wine news. If you have a link you want included in “Iberian Wine News from Around the Web” send us an email at: comments(at the site)catavino(on the)net

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