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Iberwine 2006

Ok so yes this week I’m in Madrid tasting wines and talking to winemakers. Iberwine, which last year was small, this year is even smaller. There’s even talk that next year it might disappear altogether, not due to lack of interest in Spanish wines, but bad timing with the holidays so close, time will tell. Noen the less, I did get two short interviews and made some nice contacts. In the end I can’t complain. The Man in this pictureis someone I wanted to post about. His name is Oscar Pasanau, who works with the winery Mas D’en Just, a Priorat property. Anyways they are a relatively new bodega with grand plans and at this show they were showing two wines one of which really impressed me. I did not take notes, prefering to properly taste wines in better conditions but they were worth noting. The Red a typical Priorato red blend was nice rich backbone, and strong tannins that showed potential, I look forward to seeing what’s in store for it. On the other hand the white wine made from 100% Viognier was outstanding. I love the Viognier, so I may be a bit biased, but the wine reflected the perfumey richness that is Viognier so well that it was one of the few wines at the show that I went back to to taste again. I wish it was more widely available, but alas small productions and small distributions will make this hard wine to find. Don’t be frustrated though the point to take away from this bit of info is that Spains wine industry is not stagnant, but rather ever changing and willing to try new things. Take for example an Albarino from Alicante and a rose made from Merlot that smelled of fresh cantelope! I love it….somedays the discoverys I make while doing this job make it incredibly exciting!

So in the weeks to come we have interviews, and tasting notes along with finally some new podcasts. Next week I’m in the Penedes tasting all week, and then I have to do some catch up!. Stay tuned for a special guest interview and some special converstaions with wine makers in California who are making wine with Tempranillo…so much to do so little time…

Till soon,

Ryan Opaz