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II Annual European Wine Bloggers Conference Extraordinarily Brief Update

European Wine Bloggers ConferenceI am currently writing this from my VIP Grand Lisboa hotel room using every single ounce of energy I have left to get word out that all is well. As many of you already know, Ryan and I have spent the last 5 days in Lisbon hosting the II Annual European Wine Bloggers Conference, and to say it was a success would be an understatement, it was INCREDIBLE. And to give you a sense of what people are saying, take a peek at the following:

Event Manager of the VIP Grand Lisboa, “I thoroughly enjoyed your group this past weekend. They were considerate, passionate, interesting and willing to share their knowledge with me about ways we can improve the hotel’s services. I can’t say I fully understand their suggestions [social media], but their desire to share their thoughts so passionately is very appreciated.

Manager of Restaurante Alfandega, “I’ve rarely come across such a happy and fun bunch of people. We couldn’t have been more pleased to have them at our restaurant on their final night.” (said to me while dancing to a Beastie Boys song at 2am)

Managing Director of DOC-DMC, “Obrigada Gabriella for bringing this event to Portugal!! I was happy to take part in it, and I promise to work on my doc-dmc.blog! (message sent through Facebook).”

Marketing Assistant of Amorim, “Just to thank you for everything and to congratulate  – you, Ryan and all the ones that helped you – for the organization and great success of one more edition of EWBC!”

George Sandeman, Responsible for Public Relations of Sogrape Vinhos and Spokesman of Wine in Moderation, “I loved the (very short) bit of the conference I attended, and only wish I had done the whole thing. I enjoyed chatting with Ryan and in two minutes learned some key stuff. I want to plan to come to the conference next year, and will talk to WINE IN MODERATION about participating again as a sponsor.”

This is only the beginning of the comments rolling in, and I’ve barely glanced at the 200+ new messages in my email box yet. I’d love to share more with you, and I will, but serious nap time is required, as indicated by the fact that I’ve rewritten the same sentence a half dozen times.

Allow me to end today’s incredibly brief update with a THANK YOU to the amazing EWBC community who graced us with their amazing presence, to Viniportugal for their undying support, and to all the amazing sponsors and producers who believed in this project. None of this could have worked without you.


Gabriella and Ryan
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