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I’m back and busy!

Ok, so I still have a sniffle and I still have a headache, but I can smell, and at times taste! Oh joy oh joy! Such a long time without a sniffer and without wine. Tonight I think I’ll pour myself a glass and see how I feel! I haven’t been up to writing or reading or staying awake, but I have been busy. A quick run down on upcoming events:

  • Interview with Victor de la Serna of Elmundovino Fame, also founder and owner of Finca Sandoval the winery located in the DO Manchuela that Robert Parker has been giving rave reviews. I just confirmed with him, and I will be sending some questions to him in the next week. If any of you have a question or two you’d like answered let me know.
  • Broadbent Port and Madeira contest – It’s the last week and there is a better than average chance that if you enter you will win wine so why not give it a shot!
  • Iberwine 2005 starts next Monday and I’ll be running around for 3 days tasting with and interviewing wine makers from Spain and Portugal. Hopefully I can get some interesting information to share with all of you.
  • Friday I head up to DO Toro to interview the winemaker at Bodegas Torreduero. Also I hope to make a stop in at Liberalia Enologica while I’m up there.
  • My interview with Bodegas Aragonesas is in process. I tasted their wines at the Salon de Cooperativo, and was stunned by the quality, here’s a tasting note for their 2003 Fagus!
    • 2003 Bodegas Aragonesas Campo de Borja Tinto Fagus – Spain, Aragón, Campo de Borja (11/10/2005)
      Ok as far as Co-op wine goes this is incredible. Retailing around 18 euros this inky monster is worth seeking out. The nose is intense chocolate, clove, anise, and deep fruit that hadn’t completely come to the front when I tasted it. In the mouth the structural tannins were there but not obtrusive. Flavors of rich chocolate, myriad spices and deep blackberry/raspberry fruit, the finish goes on and on. Truly a spectacular wine!

      4.5 grape

So stay tuned, I’m almost at full strength and I’m ready to go.

Till soon, Ryan Opaz