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Wines from Rioja

I’ve been gone for awhile and my site has been in limbo. Sorry about that, but something has happened to a directory and I had to leave for France without having time to fix it. However, I am back and had a wonderful week with good friends in the [Perigord->] region of France where we ate lavish meals and drank a bit of wine. It was truly an awesome experience and I can’t wait to repeat it!

Ontanon barrel

Fortunately, we came across some Spanish wines while in France and chose to purchase a few to both sample for the site. One of the bottles was a 1994 Gran Reserva from [Ontañon->]. This past April, I visited La Rioja, and while there, had the opportunity to tour their bodega in [Logroño->]. I was also fortunate enough to be able to taste a few of their wines and see the art work for which they are famous for.


All throughout their main bodega, you are treated to stained glass panels like the one above of [Dionysus->]. If you get a chance call ahead, you can see the artwork they are renowned for along with getting a chance to buy a few of their wines! Check out my tasting notes below.

Till soon, Ryan

Contact info for Ontañon
Bodega in Logroño
Carretera de Zaragoza, km 3
26006 Logroño – La Rioja
Tlf – (34) 941 234 200
email Ontañon

  • 1994 Ontañon Gran Reserva

– Spain, La Rioja (7/10/2005)
Opened this bottle in France with good friends. Rich nose right off of wood, spice, cherry and some vanilla. Medium to full bodied with soft elegant tannins, and a finish that lingered for 20+ seconds. Flavors of cherry liquorice, vanilla, candied fruit and more. This wine was fun to drink as each taste was creamier and silkier than the last one. Truly a special wine and one that I wish I had more of. c5a13t17o8=93pts

4 grape

  • N.V. Ontañon Vino de la Tierra Riberas de Marco Fabio – Spain, La Rioja, Valles de Sadacia (4/28/2005)
    Riberas de Marco Fabio Vino Dulce de Moscatel
    Late harvest Moscatel, 12.5%
    Vino de la Tierra – Valles de Sadacia

Steely light yellow color without much viscosity. Peach, honey, pear, light melon, and light floral quality. Medium weight in the mouth with a richness that lingers. Very sweet though a light acidity does balance it out well. Rich peach flesh, light gooseberry, honey, light bitter orange and more as it warms up. I want a bit more complexity in this wine, though I can’t complain it really is a fun wine to drink!

3 grape

  • 1998 Ontañon Reserva – Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    95%Tempranillo 5%Granacha
    Deep ruby with richness to the color. Sour oak with a dusty spice and sweet candied cherry. Medium body with lighter acid and a sturdy but not strong tannin presence. Very rich with a nice vanilla, light spice, some plum, and light licorice. Nice though a bit lighter than the Crianza. Another fine food wine and one that I can enjoy now.
    C5a13t15o7= 90

3 grape

  • 2001 Ontañon Crianza – Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    90% Tempranillo 10% Granacha

Deep ruby red with a light purple quality. Spicy nose with vanilla, milk chocolate and a strange smoke aroma I can’t quite place. Medium body with a strong acidity and light tannin. Bright fruit framed by oak that doesn’t overpower it. Tannins are in the background with the acid showing upfront and could prove to be great with food.

3.5 grape

  • 2004 Ontañon Riberas de Marco Fabio – Spain, La Rioja (4/19/2005)
    Very clear color. White grapes peaches flowers, nectar…alive and fun nose. Medium weight with a light sweetness and medium weight acid. Peaches and light flowers. Very nice though the nose is better than the follow through.

2.5 grape

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