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Inaugural Spanish Wine Tasting Night in Chicago!

Allow me to give you a one word response of what it is like for an American who loves wine to go back her homeland after living in Madrid for over a year, big! We are talking big people, big cars, big houses and just sexy big wine stores. When I left the States, I swore that I would never miss these gargantuan creatures that take up more space than a golf course, but somehow the idea of being able to spend an entire afternoon perusing aisle after aisle of international wines makes a girl a little giddy. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Portuguese and Spanish wine, but after a year in a half of living in Spain, the idea of being able to walk into a store like Sam’s in downtown Chicago and buy some absurdly strange wine from China sounds really enticing.

Founded by Ted Rosen, and his sons Darryl and Brian, Sam’s Wines and Spirits has become a landmark in not only Chicago but the nation for both their incredible selection of wines and their fantastic customer service. Being a native Chicago girl, I can attest to this fame. Find me a wine consumer who hasn’t heard of Sam’s and I will happily give you the winning lotto numbers.

So imagine my delight when I hear word of the perfect merging of both a great store and a fantastic event. This coming Tuesday, August 8th from 5pm to 8pm, Sam’s will be having their Inaugural Spanish Wine Tasting Night. For only 35 dollars, you can taste wide variety of wines ranging from nutty Sherries from Jerez to elegant Cavas all under the tutelage of their knowledge and experienced staff. And for those tried and true Rioja fans, don’t lose faith, because I am confident that your palate will satiated with several styles of wine made from the ever famous Tempranillo varietal.

If you’re interested in attending the event, feel free to give Sam’s a call at 1-312-664-4394 to reserve your spot, and keep in touch because I will be reporting back next week with my experience tasting wine from Spain in my home turf of Chicago!

Gabriella Opaz