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Doug Frost MS/MW

Increase of Exported Quality Spanish Wine

Recently, The Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) published a report on the sales and value of exported Spanish wine during the first four months of 2006. In short, the sales and value of DO wine rose 9% and 10% respectively as compared to the same period of time the year before. Intriguingly, who were the main importers of these quality wines? No one other than the UK (+10% as compared to 2005), the United States (+20%) and Canada (53%).

Here at Catavino, being that we are located on the other side of the ocean, we really don’t have any concept as to what you are experiencing in the United States, UK and Canada or else where in the world, and we are curious as to know what your seeing at your local wine shop and in restaurants.

Have you seen a greater variety of Spanish wines?
Have the price of Spanish wines overall increased or has your store been carrying higher quality Spanish wines, whereby demanding a higher price?
Are their particular regions that you are encountering more than others?

Click on the comment button below and share your opinions and experiences with us. Statistics are meaningless to us unless we have the actual experiences to back it up. Take a moment with a glass of wine and let us know what’s happening on the front lines of Iberian wine in your Country.