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Treixadura – Trajadura

Lightly scented grape that is found in the wines of Northern Portugal, most notably Vinho Verde, and the wines of Galicia in Spain. Often blended with other grapes such as Albariño, Loureiro, Lado or Torrontés. When utilized by itself tends to produce wines of light body with citrus flavors and aromas.

Grilling Season: How Portuguese Expats Fire it Up and What They Pour to Cool Down

Portuguese expats in the U.S. like to joke that if there’s a waft of sizzling sardines in the air then a fellow immigrant can’t be too far. They’re usually right. Growing up in New Jersey, expats’ grills were hardly ever graced by the usual American fare of hot dogs, hamburgers, porter house steaks, ribs, lobster tails or corn on the cob. Our grills brimmed with sardines, carapau (small mackerel), pork cutlets, cod fish, pork belly, chourico (Portuguese sausage) and whole or select chicken pieces. The side dishes generally consisted of boiled young potatoes, skin on of course, garnished with olive oil. Or, a salad packed with lettuce, tomatoes, and olives and charred red and green bell peppers. To top the […]

A Foreigner’s Guide to Spanish Cheese: Cow / Vaca (Part 3 of 5)

Traversing the craggy mountaintops and mountainsides of the Iberian terrain, we descend to the lush, green pastures of the mountains and valleys of (predominantly) Northern Spain. Our gaze turns from the agile and energetic goat (cabra) to the more docile and passive cow (vaca). They graze primarily on the stretch of land that extends from the Cantabrian Mountains (Galicia to Pais Vasco) to the Pyrenees (Navarra, Aragon, and Cataluña). The continental climate ensures copious amounts of rainfall and cool temperatures. Green year-round the pastures are a constant source of nourishment for the cows (and sheep) that graze there. The region of Galicia (in northwestern Spain) produces four varieties of cow’s milk cheese. Tetilla Gallega, Ulloa and Arzúa are produced primarily […]

Wine Blog Wednesday? Remember me? It’s Time for WBW #70: SPAIN!

On July 27th, 2004, well before wineries were cognizant that the internet existed, Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report launched Wine Blog Wednesday, becoming one of the longest running online wine events. The very first WBW was titled, “Inexpensive New World Merlot that is not from the United States“, hosted by Lenn, but each edition thereafter was handed to blogs from around the world interested in having wine lovers share their passion over a given theme. In 2007, Catavino played host to “Portuguese  Table Wines, excluding Port and Madeira“, attracting 32 bloggers from around the world chiming in with their favorite Iberian treasures. For Catavino, as the online wine community was still in its infancy, it provided us the […]

The Diaspora of Spanish Gastronomy: A Delectible Evening at Mercat a La Planxa

Spanish gastronomy goes beyond small bites of food. It is more than foamy shots of alchemy, savory rice dishes – generically called Paella, or egg based custards. Yet despite the perpetual misconception of what actually constitutes a typical meal in a local Spanish bar, innovative Spanish gastronomy is making gigantic waves across the North American landscape. Last Thursday, I was generously invited to a Spanish wine and food pairing by Michael Grisley, co-owner of PR Grisley imports. Michael is a longtime friend of ours, in large part due to his undying passion for Iberian wine, but little did I know that he would be throwing down a gastronomic event of epic proportions at Iron Chef Jose Garces’  Mercat a la […]

I Love Verdejo: Enticing Spanish White Varieties

Editor’s Note: Quentin Sadler, a prolific wine writer with a penchant for Spanish wine, has kindly agreed to contribute some vinous thoughts from England. We’d like to to warmly thank Quentin for sharing his experiences with us, and trust you’ll enjoy his passion and prose. In summer, my thoughts turn to wines that I can enjoy outside with light meals, this can mean a rosé, but usually points towards a white wine. Spain is most famous as a red wine country in the UK, especially reds from Rioja and I can partly understand that. Rioja can be great, but I have been getting more and more excited by Spain’s ability to turn out delicious white wines. In the past people […]

Get Me Something Refreshing Before I Melt into the Pavement! – Summer Wine Choices

It’s getting hot. My winter comforter is starting to weigh heavy on my little frame, and the hot water handle in my shower is slowly heading towards more arctic temperatures. The sound of screaming and giggling children blow through our windows like a gust of innocence, while the click of glasses rain heavy on the metal bar tables below. Even the enormous kiddy pool expanding across Parque Vallparadis, teasing us from our 5th story window, is finally clean of winter debris to reflect a shiny baby blue surface soon to be covered once again with hoards of happy tanned children. This, my friends, is the time to break open the refreshments among close friends, while enjoying long leisurely evenings under […]

Vinarium: A Novelty of a Wine Shop Utilizing Social Media in Madrid

On Saturday, after a long, and rather arduous day of perusing FITUR, a gigantic tourism fair in Madrid, we decided to give Luis Alonso-Lasheras a last minute call to see if he was available to provide us a personal tour of is his wine shop, Vinarium. And despite the pressing needs of his very young children to have their Dad honor a very needed playground date, Luis was sweet enough to magically fit an hour into his busy schedule (Thanks Luis!!) Vinarium is a wine shop I have dreamed of having in my future home. And although I may not don the pipe and smoking jacket dictated by the store’s floor to ceiling mahogany wood construction, I could absolutely envision […]

Wine of the Week: Coto de Gomariz

The seasons are changing and so are many peoples wine choices. What do you notice you switch too as the temperature lowers, and the dinners become more robust? For many, sadly white wine gets sidelined due to the temperature, preferring to save those crisp whites for warm summer picnics. About a month ago, we received three bottles of Ribeiro wines, all of which seemed very intriguing. Sadly cold weather, lots of work, and a killer sore throat pushed off our tasting. But last night, with our trip to India approaching in a few day’s time, we took the plunge and decided that in light of a week long adventure in spicy food, we should at least pop open some bottles […]

A Belem Lunch with a Portuguese White Wine

Editor’s Note: Andrea Smith is one of our newest additions to the Catavino crew. A 25 year old budding wine enthusiast, chef and linguist, Andrea is no stranger to seeking out great food and wine combinations. Having grown up in Northern Virginia, 10 minutes outside of the capital Washington, DC and in a highly diverse international setting, she was taught the basics of food and wine appreciation from her Italian background, where she inherited a deep love for culinary exploration. Now, living in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, she will draw upon her CIA and sommelier studies, as well as her intimate knowledge of the Portuguese culture to bring us her favorite Portuguese food and wine combinations. We’d like to warmly […]